HAWRR Chapter 325

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (11 )

Gu Shengyin got down from the carriage and strolled around Qiwu street followed by her two maidservants, Jian Jia and Zhi Lan.

On this street, there were many xiao jie who were hidden behind a veil hat and was followed by two maidservants like her, so their group was not conspicuous.

Although Qi State was not too harsh on the Confucian code of ethics for women, some young ladies of family with status generally concealed their face, as their identities were noble, even if they could go out without having to wear a veiled hat. 

Although the things on the Qiwu Street were not expensive, they also had a particular charm to them. 

Gu Shengyin walked while looked around and the two maidservants behind her voiced their interest. 

Xiao jie, what exactly do you want to buy?” Feeling somewhat curious, Zhi Lan asked.

They had seen a lot of things along this street, but they had not seen what xiao jie was interested in.

Gu Shengyin smiled mysteriously: “Of course, it is something everyone would like.”

Zhi Lan was not clear on what it was, but Gu Shengyin did not intend to say more.

Soon, she saw her target.

Western Pavilion.

This was a shop that specialized in selling all kinds of things from overseas in the West. It was said that the store proprietor was a sea merchant, and the goods here could be considered as one of the best things on Qiwu Street. 

Gu Shengyin came here because the person she wanted to meet was here.

Sure enough, just as she entered the door, she saw a white figure followed by a maidservant and the two were looking at something.

Gu Shengyin actually admired Zhang Mingshu. Every time she saw her, she was wearing different types of white silk clothing. 

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In Qi State, white clothes were not popular. The daughters of Liang jia had clothes in pink, red, yellow, and green, except for white. Apart from the large white winter cloak, which was made from beautiful white fur, there was basically no white-colored clothing. 

Which elder did not like their younger generation to dress more festive instead of wearing white, which resembled mourning for an elder?

However, it was said that some men like this kind of delicate and feeble fresh water hibiscus appearance. 

Qin Yuanzheng, wasn’t he a good example?

Zhang Mingshu did not go out wearing a veil or a veiled hat. Gu Shengyin walked up to her and discovered that she was looking at a pile of red and blue gems.

Gu Shengyin, herself, had a lot of these things at her place. Every time there was a foreign country offering a tribute, the Emperor liked to reward important officials. The Emperor’s teacher, Liang Taifu also received the best portion every time.

Of course, those “flower but no fruit1” things were ultimately sent to Liang Chenyu’s courtyard.

As a result, although these things are precious, they would not be able to enter Gu Shengyin’s eyes.

On the contrary, something inside was a little suspicious.

Gu Shengyin silently watched as Zhang Mingshu pick and choose the gems. 

After a while, she appeared to have finally chosen one. Gu Shengyin took a closer look. As expected, the most beautiful red gem was selected by her.

The proprietor was grinning from ear to ear2. This ruby was the most expensive one and he could sell it for quite a profit. 

Zhang Mingshu was about to pay the bill; Gu Shegyin lightly walked up to her side.

“Proprietor, please wait.”

The proprietor looked at Gu Shengyin suspiciously.

Gu Shengyin gently smiled and said: “It is true that this ruby is precious, but it is also true that a customer can pay the value with silver. Proprietor, isn’t this reasonable?” 

Zhang Mingshu looked at her in surprise. Carefully pondering about the meaning of what she had said, she looked at the proprietor in bewilderment.

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edited july 8 2020

1. flower but no fruit (idiom); handsome exterior but hollow inside/flashy

2. beaming with happiness

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