HAWRR Chapter 323

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (9)

Qin Yuanzheng was drinking alcohol to drown his sorrows.

He was in a very bad mood.

Anyone who was forced to separate from their childhood sweetheart would not be in a good mood.

However, Zhang Mingshu was simply sent to Zhenbei Wangfu’s private courtyard, and Qin Yuanzheng could still go see her whenever he longed to see her. However, it was still painful to separate when they were harmonious and sweet like honey. 

Right when he was half drunk, he heard someone say at the side: “Wen Song Restaurant said that one of Hanshi xian sheng1‘s paintings will be one display today. In a little while, will Li xiong2 be willing to go take a look with me?”

“Of course.”

Qin Yuanzheng’s mind moved, Hanshi xian sheng?

Qin Yuanzheng was only fond of two things in his life: paintings and wine.

To no avail of these two points, his sweetheart was not proficient in either at all. 

Hanshi xian sheng was the previous dynasty’s most famous painter. Their skill had already reached perfection and the world honored him as the “Holy Painter”. 

He immediately put down the wine cup in his hand and walked towards Wen Song Restaurant.

“Everyone, what we’re going to show today is the Hidden Bamboo Grove that Hanshi xian sheng was most skilled at. I invite the honored guests to appreciate it.” A finely dressed middle-aged scholar narrated clearly.

At this time, he slowly unfolded the picture scroll.

On the picture scroll was a bamboo forest containing small amounts of stars and rocks accompanied with running water. Hanshi xian sheng deserved to be called a great expert. With a few strokes, the vivid and lifelike painting of a bamboo grove hidden in the mountain was revealed to everyone. 

Many people began to voice their admiration and the middle-aged scholar finally expressed his purpose.

The general idea was that his family had come across large changes and had no choice but to sell his family’s collection, one of the most precious paintings of Hanshi xian sheng. He wished for someone who was brought by fate to obtain it. 

How could Qin Yuanzheng let go of this opportunity?

He immediately opened to quote a price, but there were many grand rich people in the capital and there were many people competitively raising the price.

Qin Yuanzheng was somewhat upset. When he was about to shout a high price, his nose suddenly smelled a faint, hidden cold fragrance.

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Not knowing what spice was used to make it, the scent that lingered on the shouting person’s nose made his spirit shocked. 

Immediately following, he felt that his sleeve seemed to be pulled by someone.

Turning his head around, he met a pair of bright eyes that seemed like the cold stars.

Without a doubt, this pair of astonishing beautiful eyes let Qin Yuanzheng fall into a slight daze. 

The woman whose face was covered by a veil softly spoke a sentence: “This gong zi is really bold; this picture scroll does not seem to be genuine.”

Her voice was clear and crisp, and her mouth was like gold and jade colliding, extremely pleasant to hear.

Qin Yuanzheng was attracted to the voice and the contents of the words. He even unconsciously followed her into a private room on the second floor.

“Young lady has said that the painting was fake, but I don’t know if you have evidence?” Qin Yuanzheng still remembered the matter. 

The woman, Gu Shengyin, laughed softly: “May I dare ask gong zi what the distinguishing features of Hanshi xian sheng’s brush style are?”

Qin Yuanzheng answered without thinking: “A force penetrating the paper, domineering and unruly, the painting is just like him.” 

Gu Shengyin nodded her head: “The gong zi, think again. That painting just now was what?” 

Qin Yuanzheng knitted his brows: “I took a look at that painting; it was indeed Hanshi xian sheng‘s style.”

His eyes suddenly lit up: “I got it! That really wasn’t Hanshi xian sheng‘s paintstrokes!” 

He expressed his thanks to Gu Shengyin: “Many thanks to young lady for speaking up.”

Gu Shengyin smiled: “It is just as easy as lifting one’s hands3. I’m just unwilling for people who truly love paintings to be deceived.”

Although she was wearing a veil, when she smiled, he could vaguely see elegant outline of her face. Behind the faintly discernible veil that concealed her, she might be even more attractive and breathtaking. 

Qin Yuanzheng fell into a trance as he stared at her foolishly.

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edited july 7 2020

1. means mister/teacher

2. elder brother

3. no effort at all

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