HAWRR Chapter 322

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (8)

Just after Meng shi had walked away firmly, Zhenbei Wangfu had to welcome someone from the Inner Palace with a decree. 

This decree was sent by the Empress Dowager. Its contents was nothing more than Zhenbei Wangfu’s family management was not strict enough with internal disorder, etc.

The Inner Palace attendant read out loud the voluminous decree and finally pointed a finger at the two mamas1, who appeared stiff and serious, behind him: “These two are palace mamas and are specially bestowed by the Empress Dowager to Wangfei to give you assistance.” 

By the time Lao Wangfei received the news, the Inner Palace attendant had already left after completing his task.

After listening to her daughter-in-law talk about what had happened, how could she obviously not understand the ins and outs of the matter? She’s afraid that people of Liangfu already knew about Zhang Mingshu and intentionally came over to give their daughter face!

She asked Wangfei: “What do you plan to do about this matter?”

Wangfei hesitated for a moment: “Considering the status of those two mamas…” 

Lao Wangfei interrupted her words: “I am asking you, what do you intend to do with Zhang Mingshu?”

Wangfei looked at her pleadingly: “Mother, Mingshu is still young…”

“You are truly muddled!” Lao Wangfei furiously knocked her crutch in her hand on the ground. “A decree came from the Palace; do not tell me that you can not see that it is the person on top opening our eyes on behalf of Liang Wangfu? At this time, Zhang Mingshu has to be cut off and must leave this fu. Tomorrow, no, today arrange for her to be sent off. Tomorrow, follow me to visit Taifu fu to apologize!”

Wangfei showed an expression of disbelief: “Mother, in any case, we are the grand Zhenbei Wangfu. Is there a need to wrong ourselves like this?”

Lao Wangfei looked at this stupid daughter-in-law and realized that she was truly blind: “Zhenbei Wangfu, you think our fu is still as glorious as the former Wang? Nowadays, Liang jia is the Emperor’s close minister. Otherwise, why would I give up my old face at that time?” 


“Princess, I received news that Zhang Mingshu had quietly been sent away by Zhenbei Wangfu.”

Princess Ronghua nodded in satisfaction: “Zhenbei Wangfu seems like they aren’t too muddled; otherwise, even if I put my reputation on the line, my Yu’er must never marry into that kind of place.”

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The next day, Lao Zhenbei Wangfei personally brought her daughter-in-law to visit. The two families were harmonious and joyful, and people couldn’t see the swords darn and bows bent2 from the previous day.

Gu Shengyin sighed in amazement as she watched.

In regards to this time’s outcome, she was quite satisfied.

Gu Shengyin originally did not think she could drop this marriage between the two families in one go.

Not to mention that the marriage between the two families was bestowed by the Emperor. The matter of Qin Yuanzheng and Zhang Mingshu was not considered a large matter to this person.

Men, which of them did not like a young and delicate body?

Zhang Mingshu did not have a status and was not pregnant, equivalent to a plaything. Unless there was no other choice, the two families would unlikely go as far as to tearing faces with each other.

However, Gu Shengyin did not want to enter Zhenbei Wangfu again: There is still one year left. My two ‘guests’3, there will be ample time later.

She did not know that Qin Yuanzheng actually hated Liang Wangfu because of this. He felt that if it wasn’t for Liang Wangfu bullying intolerably, how could he be separated from his biao mei?

Gu Shengyin had always despised people like him. In the end, where did they place Zhang Mingshu?

According to the previous life, if Liang Chenyu did not die, Zhang Mingshu would merely be at most a concubine.

Was letting his beloved woman be a lowly qie shi4 this man’s so-called love? He was truly great.

Perhaps, Zhang Mingshu’s love towards this man was also “great”.

But, even if it was this kind of love, she did not want those two to have it.

JMin’s Corner:

Hmm? What’s this, our MC is blackening? o.O

Ari’s Corner:

edited july 7 2020

1. older female servants (i believe they are middle-aged and older)

2. a state of mutual hostility

3. wèi was used here, which is honorific for ‘people’ > used guests cuz i thought it would flow

4. a concubine

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  1. Nah rather than blackening.. it’s more like an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and cheating men should just get castrated☺️

    Thanks for the chapter!🥰

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    1. Not so far. They just got rid of the other woman (on the surface, at least), but the marriage is still scheduled. Only the Emperor can cancel the marriage he decreed. Gu girl’s still got some more work ahead of her to truly change things.


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