HAWRR Chapter 319

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (5)

Gu Shengyin walked to the place where Zhang Mingshu had previously looked at a bracelet.

“Take this out for me to see.” She said; her voice loud enough to attract Zhang Mingshu’s attention who was not too far away.

The object Gu Shengyin had pointed at was the sheep fat-colored white jade bracelet that Zhang Mingshu had bought earlier.

Because Gu Shengyin was wearing a veiled hat, the shop assistant could not see her appearance.

However, just looking at the clothes she was wearing, although not gorgeous, they were all exceptionally expensive, particularly the jade knot hanging on the waist of the dress. The shop assistant dared to guarantee that this person absolutely had a noble’s identity.

He attentively took out the sheep fat-colored white jade bracelet.

Then, everyone saw the young lady extend her hand out of her sleeve and place it next to the bracelet.

Liang Chenyu’s appearance was gorgeous and incomparable; however, the most breath-taking part was not her face but her creamy white, flawless skin. 

Therefore, when she extended her hand out and placed it next to the bracelet—

The bracelet was still the same one, but everyone who saw it felt that it had changed.

It was not white enough; it was not transparent enough; it was not perfect enough. In short, it did not deserve that pair of noble hands. 

Even the shop assistant had an urge to stop this customer from wearing this bracelet—Putting on this bracelet onto her wrist was similar to a shadow appearing on the flawless sea of snow. 

As expected, Gu Shengyin picked up the bracelet to look at it before shaking her head gently: “The quality of this bracelet is not very good. Shopkeeper, can you bring me a better one?”

The shop assistant secretly grumbled in his mind: This sheep fat-colored white jade bracelet was already their store’s top quality good. It was clearly this customer’s skin that was too beautiful and flawless, but she blamed it on the bracelet for its lacking quality.

The shop assistant had not read many books so he couldn’t think of more adjectives of praises.

Seeing that Zhang Mingshu’s face was obviously not so good, the effect of Gu Shengyin beating her face had already been achieved.

Zhang Mingshu was already walking towards the carriage; apparently, a blue-clothed gong zi1 came down from the carriage. When Gu Shengyin looked over, she only saw his back. Shortly after Zhang Mingshu entered the carriage, the carriage curtain was let down. 

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At this moment, two ladies not too far away from them spoke.

One of the ladies, wearing a sapphire blue attire,  voiced her doubts: “Looking at that nobleman, he seemed to be Zhenbei Wang‘s son?”

The lady next to her nodded: “That’s right.”

The lady who had voiced her doubts earlier said: “Wasn’t Zhenbei Wang‘s son bestowed a marriage? Just now, could that person possibly be Liang Taifu fu‘s Young Lady?” 

Another noble lady laughed: “How could that be possible that a member of the upright and honorable Taifu fu come out? How could Miss Liang casually enter the carriage of another family?” Her manner of speaking suddenly turned into a sneer: “Men, you know. Who doesn’t have a few female confidantes?”

Anger flashed on the sapphire blue-clothed lady’s face before finally turning a sigh: “What a pity for it to happen to Liang Taifu fu‘s Young Lady. Each and every one of them are good, yet unexpectedly…”

Liang Linyu, who had heard their words, had long turned pale.

Da jiejie, were they actually talking about Zhenbei Wang‘s son?” Liang Linyu looked at Gu Shengyin with disbelief.

Gu Shengyin’s complexion was also not too good.

“I’m going to go ask him!” Liang Linyu was still young and was pampered by her family. Of course, this was the most simplest way that came to mind.

Gu Shengyin quickly pulled her back. Doing this would naturally let Zhenbei Wangfu have no face; however, in this way, Liang Chenyu’s reputation would also be ruined.

“Let’s return and tell Grandma. Wait for her, our elder, to make the decision.”

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If you guys know the term for the veiled hat (幕篱), let me know! Thanks!

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edited july 7 2020

1. way to address a son of nobility

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12 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 319”

  1. I think veiled hat was a hat covered with white fabric for the young ladies of nobility to go out. At least thats how is presented in ancient china dramas. Google “ancient china veiled hat” and the first images are that.

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  2. weimao 帷帽 – lit. “Veil Hat” was one of the most distinctive head coverings during the Sui and early Tang periods. Originally adopted from the nomadic peoples of Central Asia, the weimao was quickly adopted by the women of Sui and Tang China. Their prominence would not only remain in China but would spread to other East Asian cultures as well. The Japanese version of the weimao was called uchikatsugi or more generally as the ichimegasa 市女笠.

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