HAWRR Chapter 317

Wretched Original Spouse vs Top Mistress (3)

“Grandmother, granddaughter wants to go out today.” After having their meal, Gu Shengyin stated her objective.

Princess Ronghua naturally had no reason to disagree. After carefully warning her, she let her leave.

Gu Shengyin naturally had a motive for going out today. After all, there was a plug-in system in her hand, allowing her to track the whereabouts of Qin Yuanzheng and Zhang Mingshu.

Not only was Gu Shengyin going out today, she was going bring a few people with her.

Da jiejie1, where are we going to play?” Liang Linyu from the Second Branch2 was only ten years old, the innocent and pure age. She was always fond of Liang Chenyu, this beautiful sister of hers and was also very close to her.

“Treasure Jade Pavilion came out with a new batch of jewelry. Let’s go take a look; we might come across something we like. If you want anything, just say so, today jiejie  will treat you.” Gu Shengyin said while looking at the smiling pink jade-like girl.

“Okay!” Liang Linyu said happily. “Da jiejie, wait for me. I will go change my clothes.”

Gu Shengyin instructed people to go prepare the carriage and sat in Liangfu‘s garden while waiting for Liang Linyu.

“This…Xiao shimei3?” A hesitant voice sounded.

Gu Shengyin didn’t expect there to be outsiders at this place and was startled. She hurriedly stood up and looked up.

Qin Shao thought she looked cute when she looked at him with wide eyes.

Gu Shengyin looked at this man with a valiant bearing, and smiling eyes and brows, and instantly recognized his identity: the current Holy One, Xiande4 Emperor Qin Shao. 

“Chennü5 respectfully greets Your Majesty.” Gu Shengyin immediately curtsied deeply. 

“No need for such ceremony.” Qin Shao raised a hand to motion helping her up, “Zhen6 came out today in disguise; xiao shimei does not need to be so ill at ease.”

He could discern Gu Shengyin was actually very anxious inside, and unknowingly recalled the way she had looked when staring at him in surprise. His heart softened, and he laughed: “I have studied with Taifu since I was a child and could be considered familiar with xiao shimei. How is it that it has only been a few years since we’ve met, and yet we’ve grown so distant? Does xiao shimei still remember your Changfeng shixiong7?”

Gu Shengyin blinked, and inwardly thought this luck wasn’t bad. Her lover actually turned out to be this world’s Emperor/Imperial Throne. This thick thigh, she would definitely hug it well.

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She heard Qin Shao’s words that indicated that the two of them were close. Naturally, it was impossible to reject his kindness.

Thus, Qin Shao could clearly feel that once his words came out, the girl in front of him relaxed, although she did not speak.

He let out a sigh of relief. For some reason, when he first saw her, he felt that she should not be afraid of him and reject him.

When he was about to speak, Liang Linyu had already changed to her outdoor clothes.

Gu Shengyin curtsied, wishing him luck and good health. Then, she asked to be excused and pulled Liang Linyu, who was confused, away.

Qin Shao was left standing there alone, shaking his head and laughing.

“Your Majesty, you were here?” Liangfu‘s Eldest Young Master, Liang Zhishen, asked.

Zhen8 was idle and came out for a stroll.” Qin Shao shook his head, not knowing why he concealed his chance encounter with Gu Shengyin.

It was said that Gu Shengyin and Liang Linyu had already arrived at Treasure Jade Pavilion.

Don’t look at the tacky name of this Treasure Jade Pavilion. They actually had good things inside. There were even many Imperial members and nobles who liked to come and choose some precious things.

Of course, Gu Shengyin was not here just for shopping.

She knew that Qin Yuanzheng would accompany his good biaomei, Zhang Mingshu, to select some jewelry.

Despite the fact that he had a marriage contract, he actually openly brought some other woman to choose jewelry. Gu Shengyin said: Qin Yuanzheng, your heart is so big. If I don’t pit you, who would I pit?

JMin’s Corner:

Sheltering in place people o7

Stay safe and healthy!

Ari’s Corner:

Posting on Ari’s behalf:

In Chinese culture, when someone bows to u it’s polite for someone to help u up in general;; for the emperor, when he’s gracing u w allowing u to stand in his presence, he’ll make a motion to lift u up but he wouldn’t actually physically help u up bc that’s what lower rank ppl would do

“I hope ML bullies MC a bit this arc we need some bullying” – Ari

edited july 7 2020

1. Another way of saying older sister

2. Second branch of extended family. MC’s second uncle’s daughter, her cousin

3. younger sister studying under same teacher/master

4. Xiande is his title;; Xian = prominent; De = kind, of moral virtue

5. Chen = this servant/subject, = female, so something along the lines of this female subject/servant woman?

6. Zhen – word that an Emperor to refer to himself, ‘I’

7. senior male fellow student

8. sentence here didn’t have any subject so I inserted ‘Zhen‘ since I don’t think he’d use ‘Wo/I’ to his subject in the current situation

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