HAWRR Chapter 315

Miserable Official Wife vs Mistress With Upper Hand (1)

“This world’s heroine…” Gu Shengyin did not feel good after reading all the information.

The heroine, Liang Chenyu, was the legitimate young miss of the Qi State’s Taifu1 fu2 and always had a good reputation. When she was 14 years old, the Emperor bestowed her a marriage with Zhenbei Wang‘s3 noble son, Qin Yuanzheng.

This door-to-door marriage of Taifu fu‘s was personally requested by Zhenbei Wangfu‘s Lao Wangfei, in other words, Zhenbei Wang‘s mother and Qin Yuanzheng’s paternal grandmother.

Originally, it was an appropriate match, a beautiful string of pearl and jade4. However, the Taifu fu never knew that Qin Yuanzheng unexpectedly had a younger female cousin green plum5, Zhang shi‘s6 daughter, Mingshu.

As a result, when Liang Chenyu became 16 years old, she was married off to Zhenbei Wangfu with eight sedans, and after the ceremony, her husband left her alone on their wedding night.

What was even more intolerable was that on the day after the wedding when she was serving tea to her elders according to the customs, she saw that the husband who should have accompanied her was accompanying a gentle and soft beautiful woman.

That woman in the same red dress stood next to Qin YuanZheng, looking more like Zhenbei Wangfu‘s new bride than Liang Chenyu herself.

Liang Chenyu fainted on the spot.

She woke up and saw the affectionate appearance of Zhenbei Wangfu‘s Lao Wangfei: “Yu’er7 ah, you are the imperial concubine that I asked for with this old face of mine. I know, Yuanzheng, that child had let you down, but you two are already husband and wife. How could there be anything too difficult to cross over between husband and wife? That daughter of Zhang, you can feel reassured that I have already sent her away. I have also scolded Yuanzheng. You can raise your health at ease. I am still waiting for you to give birth to my little great-grandson.”

What else could Liang Chenyu say? She endured it and told herself that by taking it slowly, she would regain her husband’s heart.

She was a perfect wife, a perfect mistress, and took care of everything in Zhenbei Wangfu.

Although her husband, Qin Yuanzheng, was not intimate with her, he never took in concubines and never stayed overnight at Liuxiang, a flower street8. Liang Xhenyu assumed that as long as she fulfilled a wife’s responsibilities to the greatest extent, her husband would one day allow her to approach his heart.

However, she did not anticipate that she would wait until the day where she would hear the pregnancy of Zhang shi.

That day, she went to Guanshan Temple to pray for good fortune and her carriage was blocked by someone on her way back to the fu.

Zhang shi‘s beautiful face appeared before her: “Greetings Jiejie.”

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

Liang Chenyu sneered: “If we’re talking about identity, I am the lady of Zhenbei Wang‘s noble son, the rightful wife granted with a second rank title. You’re merely a female citizen; what qualifications do you have to be my sister? If you are considered a relative, you are noble son’s female cousin, so you can call me sister-in-law. I don’t know if Miss Zhang had someone in the family who is capable of teaching etiquette?”

The beautiful woman was on the verge of collapse by those words; a hibiscus-like face shedding tears, appearing pitiful.

Jiejie, there is no need to humiliate me this way. I am already two months pregnant now. Entering the wangfu cannot be avoided. It looks as if jiejie unable to tolerate me.”

Liang Chenyu was shocked, but did not say much. She merely returned to the wangfu.

She went straight to Wang fei‘s room and asked clear and neatly about Zhang Mingshu’s affairs.

It turned out that Lao Wang fei promising to drive out Zhang Mingshu that day was merely sending her off to live in a village.

It turned out that her husband fabricating the excuse of returning home late due to official business and never lingering on female charms was simply because his heart was tied to Zhang Mingshu.

It turned out that Zhenbei Wangfu had already made the decision to receive Zhang Mingshu and her child into the door before she could speak.

It turned out that all the great efforts that she had made with expectation of redeeming her husband’s heart was all just a joke.

Taifu fu was the chief of Qingliu County; Liang Chenyu had been reading the Book of Songs9 intensively since she was young and was well acquainted with the four social bonds10. How could she endure this humiliation?

That night, she used a 3-foot11 white silk and ended her life.

JMin’s Corner:

Kinda got pissed at this scum while translating the chapter….Grrr!

That shameless grandma, shameless family. tsk 😡

On another note, since it’s another ancient China setting, more terms to look up.~ Yay! (monotone). Do you guys prefer me to leave the terms in Chinese or change them to English? Some terms I left in Chinese because it sounds better, but some I changed to English.

Ari’s Corner:

unfortunately shit like this was way too common in any culture’s history

edited july 6 2020

1. Qi State of Western Zhou and the Warring States (1122-265 BD) -> Not too sure but definitely the name of country. Taifu = Imperial Tutor of the State, has official post in government

2. fu = mansion/residence

3. Wang = king, but in this case, it’s just a title given to an imperial family member with power(?) I can’t remember.

4. an ideal combination, perfect pair

5. green plums and hobby-horse = childhood sweethearts, green plum the female, hobby-horse the male

6. shi is clan name/maiden name. In this case, this female cousin is a daughter of the Zhang family

7. ‘er’ is added to name to show intimacy

8. brothel

9. Book of Songs is a classic Chinese poetry.

10. Four social bonds: sense of propriety, justice, integrity, and honor

11. Chinese foot, 1/3 of a meter

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  1. I hope she transmigrated before she got married to that scum☹️

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