It’s a waste of bullets

Altyria blinked her eyes with curiosity as to what had happened. She turned to look at Chrome.

Chrome smiled and patted her head. “With the power down, no law enforcement, and zombies popping out, chaos ensued. This is not so surprising based on our current situation, although it seems to be faster than I expected.”

“This sort of thing is common in an apocalypse.” Dylan added. “Judging by how they acted, I assume all the folks living in that town were either killed by them or locked up somewhere.”

Yilan fiddled with her hair as she muttered, “What I am curious about is how they got their hands on guns. Did they already possess illegal guns before the apocalypse?”

Dylan shrugged in a nonchalant voice. “Perhaps. Anyways, we’re not saints nor good people. Not our problem.”

Altyria remembered a certain group that they were quite friendly with and asked, “What about that Ye Feng and Yang Tian? We didn’t tell them that we were leaving so early? They are decent people.”

Dylan raised an eyebrow. “Well, I did give them a warning about the red rain and told them a tiny bit about awakening powers. They should do fine without us. They are not our responsibility.”

Yilan immediately pouted when she heard the topic switching over to that group. “I really wanted to study that Ye Feng. There must be some secret in his body to be able to endure the internal pain of his crystal forming while he was…” Her sentence trailed off as she went into a daze.

Dylan waved his hand in front of her eyes. Seeing that she did not respond he smirked. “Guess she went off into her own world. Anyways, Sister, you don’t need to worry about them. When we drove past the house they were staying in, I saw them getting ready to leave.”

Seeing that everyone lost interest in the topic, Altyria nodded before taking out materials to make trinkets. The other three began cultivating to increase their power.


In the Hummer, Yuan Jin and the others were silent.

“Has the safety in towns and cities already fallen to this point? It’s only been one day!” Li Guanting couldn’t help but to express his surprise. “Although we have already met some…unruly people, for people to threaten others with guns…”

Although Zhou Zhi did not say anything, the expression on her face showed that she agreed with his thoughts.

Yuan Jin stared at the road ahead for a while before saying, “Don’t forget that many places are out of power. Who knows how many people have turned into zombies.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Rather than focusing on the security of society, everyone’s thoughts are on survival, which includes looking for supplies, weapons, and a safe place to stay. They don’t have the time to keep other people safe.”

Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi understood the underlying reason and nodded their heads. 

Zhou Zhi felt that the atmosphere in the car was a bit depressing, so she started talking about another topic to liven things up.


Yang Tian and his group were a distance behind Chrome’s group; however, they were not in a hurry to catch up. Many other cars that were driving on the same road as them were going to the same destination of G City.

Ye Song spotted the armed men in the distance and parked the car to the side. He turned towards Yang Tian, “What do we do. Should we take care of them first before moving on?”

Unfortunately for them, they were not driving their bullet-proof military vehicles. Although they had guns of their own, two  of their members were still in a coma.

“Bah! A bunch of lousy bandits. It’s a waste of bullets. Let’s just get rid of them the old-fashioned way. You stay here to keep watch. Wu Kang and I will go take care of them.” Yang Tian scoffed at those men who planned on robbing anyone who passed through this town.

He stepped out of the car and made a gesture towards Wu Kang, who was in the other car parked behind them. Wu Kang immediately grabbed his gun and stepped out of the car.

“We’re going to clear them out?” Wu Kang asked.

“It’s a waste of our bullets, so we’re going to do it the old-fashioned way.” Yang Tian nodded.

Yang Tian and Wu Kang trotted towards a house, appearing as if they intended to check out the house. Other cars slowly drove by as the people inside glanced at them out of curiosity.

Once the two got inside, they quickly made their way into the backyard and jumped over the fence. Moving through the backyards of the houses, they made their way closer to the group of armed men.

Chapters are now caught up with Tapas…Sorry no time to write new chapters ;(

Working evening shift today. Had some time to translate a bit of HAWRR 😀

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