Ram through them like a bulldozer

Dylan placed the two zombie nuclei inside the RV storage.


RV Upgrade: Energy stones of any kind (2/35)

“Hmm? A zombie nucleus can be used for this?” Dylan was surprised by this pop up. 

He touched his chin thoughtfully. “The first red rain already caused level 2 zombies to appear. Now that there is another red rain, the number of level 2 zombies will increase, and there is a possibility of a level 3 zombie appearing.”

He took out his phone and sent a message about the upgrade requirements to his group in a group chat. With Yuan Jin and the others there, it would be difficult to find a time to share this information without them being secretive.

Red rain continued falling throughout the whole day and into the night. Fortunately, the next day, they woke up to a bright and sunny sky with no clouds in sight.

Chrome had everyone pack up the things in the house to head out. They grabbed the food, blankets, electronics, and their jackets that they had brought into the house.

Yuan Jin was behind the wheel this time while Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi sat in the back. Chrome’s group entered the RV and started the engine. The RV and Hummer slowly headed out of town.

“So, yesterday, the system indicated that zombie nuclei can be used to upgrade the RV?” Altyria asked.

“Yeah, I just put the nucleus inside the storage and it just popped up.” Dylan said as he finished setting the RV to autopilot mode.

“Then, with all this red rain, we should be able to encounter more level 2 zombies and use their nucleus to upgrade the RV. If we’re lucky, perhaps we can use the level 3 zombie nucleus, although it may seem like a waste.” Yilan thought out loud as she sat down on the sofa.

Chrome took out some kitchen utensils to prepare to bake some muffins and make some milk tea for Altyria. 

“We will be passing through a small town, so we may get a chance to get more nuclei.” Dylan said as he took out pudding from the refrigerator.

After being on the road for an hour and a half, they finally arrived at the next town; however, they did not intend to make a stop. If they encountered a zombie, then they would kill it for the nucleus. If not, then they would not waste their time searching for zombies.

To their surprise, they did not encounter any zombies, but encountered something else. 

“STOP! Stop your vehicle right now or I’ll shoot at ya!” A man with a wretched grin on his face held a shotgun in his hands as he pointed it towards the RV.

There were several other armed men standing behind the man-made blockade on the road and to the side. They all pointed their guns towards the incoming vehicles.

Dylan turned around and looked at Chrome. “Boss, what do we do? Take another route around?”

Chrome replied in a cold voice, “Since they want to die, just ram through them like a bulldozer.”

Dylan immediately grinned widely, “Gotcha, Boss! This is going to be fun.”

Yilan promptly sent a message to Zhou Zhi informing her to not stop the car and follow closely behind the RV.

The man who had yelled at them earlier saw that the RV was not slowing down at all.

“Did you bast*rds hear me!? I said to sto-Gah!” The man couldn’t finish his sentence because he had to jump out of the RV’s way. 

The RV rammed into the man-made blockade, but it wasn’t enough to stop it. The blockade was thrown aside as the RV and Hummer sped down the road.

The men who were hiding behind the blockade jumped to the side to escape. The other men who were at the side started shooting at the RV and Hummer.

“Damn it!” The man who had a wretched grin threw down his gun with anger. He stared infuriatingly at the two vehicles that was slowly disappearing into the horizon.

He took out his rage on his subordinates. “Useless pieces of trash! Hurry up and rearrange the blockade again. Make sure the next cars passing by doesn’t get through.”

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