Electrocuted zombie

A few minutes had passed since the screams died down. Nobody moved from their spot as they all stared out the window.

Altyria suddenly sat up straight and said, “It’s coming.”

“By ‘it’, do you mean…” Zhou Zhi was a bit confused by what she meant.

“A level 2 zombie.” Dylan answered her question. “There is no way those people who had safely entered the building could be killed so quickly. I mean, those zombies were still a few meters away.”

Just when Zhou Zhi was about to speak, they heard a loud noise.


Within a few seconds, they heard something being electrocuted.

Everyone curiously peeked out of the window towards the direction of the sound. What appeared in their eyes was a zombie twitching on the ground under the red rain. A bit of black smoke was coming out of its body.

“…I guess it is that one, huh.” Yuan Jin said while raising an eyebrow before muttering, “How anticlimactic…”

He was hoping to fight with a level 2 zombie to test out his new powers, but it went down in one hit.

“It’s intelligence is not that great, huh. For it to ram into the electric fence, hehe…” Dylan shrugged while feeling proud of the power of his lightning. “Well, guess I’ll go out to make sure it is dead.”

“It was my idea to apply your lightning onto the fence.” Yilan muttered in dissatisfaction towards her brother’s pride before yelling to her brother, “Grab the umbrella in the RV!”

Dylan opened the storage door on the back of the RV and took one of the umbrellas. He opened it and walked towards the fence where the zombie was twitching. In order to make sure that it was dead, Dylan threw bolts of lightning from a distance before walking closer.

He took out his long chopsticks that he had used before and prodded the zombie’s head. Seeing that it was not reacting, he walked a few steps away from the zombie and threw a lightning bolt with enough power to blow its head up. Using his long chopsticks, he poked and prodded, searching for the nucleus inside its head.

Back inside the house, everyone watched as Dylan blasted the zombie head. They saw him walk up to the zombie again and crouched down.

“What is he doing?” Zhou Zhi asked with curiosity.

“He’s checking to see if that level 2 zombie has a nucleus inside since we found one in the other level 2 zombie from earlier.” Yilan replied. “A zombie nucleus is similar to Yuan Jin’s crystal in his brain. It contains the attribute power, so theoretically, a person with the same type of attribute should be able to absorb it and increase their strength.”

“Then what type of power is inside that nucleus?” Li Guanting asked.

“I don’t know. We will have to check it out once Dylan brings it in. The level 2 zombie we killed on the road has a fire attribute, so anyone who also has that attribute should be able to absorb it.” Yilan said before sighing, “Unfortunately, no one in our group has a fire attribute.”

“We can just keep it and maybe trade it for another attribute.” Altyria said with a smile. “We can stop by the base if we’re passing through and trade it with people there.”

“Other people already know about the zombie nucleus?” Dylan raised an eyebrow. He had just entered the house when he heard what Altyria said.

Altyria pointed to her phone. “Apparently so. The person who has been making useful posts on how to survive during the apocalypse just made a post about the nucleus.”

Yilan took out her phone to read the post. “Hmm, it’s not that detailed. It just talks about the possibility of finding a nucleus in a ‘strong’ zombie. This person did mention that it is possible for a person to absorb it.”

Yilan put away her phone before turning to her brother. “What attribute is it?”

Dylan threw the nucleus to Yilan. “It is a speed type. Pretty useless to our group.”

Yilan passed it, along with the fire nucleus, to Yuan Jin and his friends so they could take a look at a nucleus.

“Wow, it looks just like a crystal stone.” Zhou Zhi smiled in delight as the nucleus sparkled under her the light from her phone.

Yuan Jin and Li Guanting also looked at it closely. The nucleus was transparent except for the three lines inside. The fire nucleus had a small flame burning inside the crystal and felt warm in their hands. After the three had scrutinized the nucleus enough, they handed it back to Dylan who took it to the RV.

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