The color of blood

The color red was all they could see outside. Even after one night of rain, it did not seem like the red rain would stop any time soon. 

The group sat in the living room near the fireplace. Due to the red rain, the temperature was oddly low. Some of them gazed outside through the bay window in the living room, while some were on their phone or tablet browsing the internet.

Chrome and Altyria cuddled together on the couch while whispering to each other about the movie they were watching on the tablet.

“It doesn’t look like the rain is going to stop any time soon. It might even continue until tonight.” Dylan sighed as he stared out the window.

Yilan munched on some chips that she had poured into a large serving bowl. “Look at things on the bright side. At least we don’t have to worry about people coming to us making trouble with all this rain.”

“Well, that’s true, but all this red rain makes the outside looks so eerie…like the color of blood” Zhou Zhi couldn’t help but shiver a bit and burrowed herself into Li Guanting’s arm.

“In any case, Yuan Jin, let me take your pulse.” Yilan said as she wiped her hands with a wet towel.

Yilan and Yuan Jin walked over to the table to sit down. After taking his pulse, Yilan nodded to herself.

“You are in a very good condition, the best condition if I must say. The energy in your brain has completely settled, so you can try utilizing it.”

Yuan Jin had practiced sensing and running the energy through his body throughout the night with a meditation method given by Yilan. He used that same method to manipulate the energy from his brain.

Within seconds, bluish lightning buzzed and crackled around his body. 

“Wow! Jin ge, you have lightning powers like Dylan.” Zhou Zhi widened her eyes in pleasant surprise.

“Heh~ You’ve got luck.” Dylan patted Yuan Jin’s shoulder in praise. “Since you also have the same attribute power like me, I can teach you how to use it.”

Dylan began explaining the characteristics of the different attributes and the various ways it could be used. Yuan Jin’s group listened carefully because this information could be useful in the future.

“Lightning is powerful and destructive in nature. Therefore, it is considered to be an offensive type attribute.However, you can also use it in different ways. For example, I used my lightning powers and applied it onto the fence outside, making it an electric fence for defense.” Dylan paused for a second before continuing in a quiet voice, “Of course, nowadays, people with lightning powers can be regarded as mobile chargers…”

He glanced at the person who made him charge their cell phone and tablet last night.

“What? Are you asking for a fight?” Yilan said as she set her tablet on the table.

“No, of course not! I’m just speaking the truth…” Dylan immediately put up his guard when he saw her stand up.

Yuan Jin chuckled, “Either way, what he said is true. At least I have other uses besides fighting.”

Moments later, they heard people screaming and zombies roaring. Everyone, besides Altyria and Chrome, ran to the window to take a look outside. 

The two of them stayed on the sofa where they were. She immediately scanned their surroundings and sensed some people running for cover into a small building. 

A handful of zombies were slowly making their way towards them, but one particular zombie was very fast. To an ordinary person’s eyes, it would seem as if the zombie could teleport. Due to its speed, the people taking cover in the small building were not able to close the door fast enough to keep that zombie out.

In the end, a couple of seconds of terrified screams echoed in the neighborhood before there was silence. Nobody in that small building survived.

Altyria leaned closer towards Chrome and whispered the situation into his ears.

Chrome gave her a kiss on the forehead and reassured her, “No need to fret. It’s speed won’t cause us any difficulties.”

The location of this incident was some distance away down the street so it was impossible for them to see; however, they were still able to hear those people clearly over the pouring rain due to the echoes of their screams in this empty town.

Zhou Zhi had goosebumps from hearing those screams. “Did none of them survive? It’s so quiet now…”

Li Guanting wrapped his arm around her shoulders in an attempt to give her comfort. “It doesn’t seem like it, but we should be safe as long as we stay indoors. I can’t imagine why they would even head outside when it is raining red rain.”

Yilan looked at her brother. Do you think zombies are evolving due to the red rain?

Dylan frowned slightly as he glanced at the rain outside before looking back at his sister with a grin. That might be so. That means we will get some more fun~

Yuan Jin and his group watched the twins talk to each other with their eyes with amusement.

JMin: No new chapters. Haven’t been writing these past few weeks ;(

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