HAWRR Chapter 312

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (25)

When she was leaving, it was raining. Qi Shishi remembered that her umbrella had been taken by Yuan Chen a moment ago.

She looked at the rain outside. It was not very heavy and her roommate was out. She might as well walk in the rain.

If it weren’t for Lu Zhangting and Sheng Lu, Qi Shishi thought that she might not be so determined to break up.

She walked briskly in the rain, and her wet bangs stuck to her face. Not needing to take a look, Qi Shishi also knew that her appearance was very embarrassing.

Her clothes were also wet and chilly, sticking to her body and making her shiver.

The two figures ahead became clear.

Qi Shishi was somewhat lost in thought as she looked at the two people.

It was very obvious that they were a couple. The guy was holding the umbrella with one hand around the girl’s shoulder. The girl was wearing a thick coat and was covered up so tightly. The guy feared that she would get rained on, so he leaned the umbrella more towards the girl’s direction, regardless of his own shoulder getting wet. 

She was somewhat envious of that girl being treated as a precious pearl by her boyfriend.

What about Yuan Chen? Her only umbrella was taken away by him, not even taking into consideration that it would be raining outside and that she would need to wait to go home.

At this time, the two appeared to be speaking and the girl’s head turned towards the boy.

Qi Shishi recognized her. That person was Sheng Lu.

A hidden feeling of shame welled up from her heart, and her footsteps subconsciously slowed down.

Qi Shishi felt that she could show an embarrassing appearance in front of anyone, but not Sheng Lu.

She must not look bad in front of this woman. 

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

Seeing that the two people ahead of her was walking farther and farther away and not paying any attention to her, Qi Shishi finally felt relieved.

She knew that she would feel inferior when facing Sheng Lu. Because of this inferiority, she had to be sharp and strong everywhere and wanted to argue.

However, you proved that even if you have won Yuan Chen, what about it? Have you been taken seriously? 

Qi Shishi did not expect this matter to be finished.

Qi Shishi didn’t expect that her sorry figure of walking through the rain was not seen by Sheng Lu, but was seen by someone else. Not only was she seen by a person, that person also took photos and uploaded it on the forum. 

The foreign language department used to have two flowers. After falling in love, their situation can be distinguished from Heaven and Earth.

The first picture that entered their eyes was Qi Shishi’s sorry figure with her clothes completely soaked in the rain. And in front of her was Gu Shengyin who was tightly guarded by Lu Zhangting. 

The anonymous poster intentionally pointed our that at this time, Qi Shishi’s boyfriend, Yuan Chen, was sweating in the school’s basketball court without taking the slightest consideration of his girlfriend being drenched in the rain.

Below even had a comparison chart.

It could be said that this poster wanted to show how happy Gu Shengyin was and how she, Qi Shishi was suffering. 

Qi Shishi slid the mouse down. She carefully looked at each picture and read every word.

Although what the original poster had said was exaggerated, she also admitted that the photos were a fact. 

Yuan Chen did not take her, Qi Shishi, seriously.

At this time, her cell phone on the table rang.

It was Yuan Chen.

Qi Shishi did not know what to feel when answering the phone. She knew that Yuan Chen must have seen this post. 

She actually had a small expectation and hoped that Yuan Chen could say something to her.

As long as he found that she was not wrong and was willing to change, Qi Shishi thought.

However, Yuan Chen’s following sentence smashed all of her hopes.

JMin’s Corner:

Now, they are hurting each other. Smh

This is the last completed chapter and I have no more in my stash cuz I posted them during the holidays. Next chapter will be posted when it’s ready. I already started on it ;3

Ari’s Corner:

edited july 6 2020

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  1. Aww I kinda feel bad for Qi Shishi although she’s a pretty terrible person, Yuan Chen’s arrogance made her like this. I hope Qi Shishi fights back against him instead and he gets what he deserves

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