Maniac of a sister

“Are we going to gather some more supplies in this town?” Ye Song asked while taking a bite of his bread.

Wu Kang, who had been silent the entire time, finally spoke. “It’s not safe for our team to spread out. Captain and Zeng Ming are still in a coma and there are currently too many people in this small town. Chances of fights breaking out over supplies is quite high.”

“Wu Kang is right. Let them fight each other for those meager supplies. Our supplies should last us until we reach D City.” Yang Tian said. “Hopefully by then, Feng ge and Zeng Ming would be awake.”

The four men began cleaning up the house. Yang Tian said some words to the others before heading out. He walked down the quiet street until he reached a tall gated fence. Certain that the doorbell would not work, Yang Tian lifted his hand intending to bang on the fence a couple times.

However, before he could do it, he saw the door open and a man stepping out of the house.

“Good thing you didn’t touch the fence, or else you’d be zapped by lightning.” Dylan chuckled as he opened the gate. “Come in.”

“Lightning?” Yang Tian looked at the fence but didn’t see anything that would indicate the possibility of being electrocuted.

“You won’t be able to see anything, but you’re more than welcome to try touching the fence.” Dylan grinned as he tapped the gate.

“Cough, I think I’ll pass.” Yang Tian held a hand to his mouth to cough slightly when he saw the mischief in Dylan’s eyes. “My group settled in the house down the street for the night.” Yang Tian pointed with his chin. “I came over to ask about the situation of people in a coma.”

“Coma?” Dylan touched his chin thoughtfully. “How about asking my sister to take a look at the people in a coma. They are your team members right?”

Yang Tian nodded. “Earlier, we heard your sister talk a bit about it, but we just want to make sure my captain and friend are okay.”

“No problem! Let me go call her over.” Dylan patted Yang Tian’s shoulder.

Dylan walked back to the house and called for Yilan. The two exited the house and followed Yang Tian down the street.

Wu Kang, who was in charge of watching outside, saw them arrive and jumped down from the balcony on the second floor to open the gate.

Wu Kang nodded to Dylan and Yilan as a greeting before heading back to the balcony.

“Sorry, Wu Kang doesn’t speak a lot and mostly stays silent, even towards us. Only our captain could get him to talk a lot.” Yang Tian scratched his cheek in embarrassment.

“Haha, no worries.” Yilan laughed as they walked inside.

Upon entering the bedroom where the two unconscious men were, Yilan immediately walked closer to Ye Feng to take his pulse.

The amount of energy in Ye Feng’s brain was unexpectedly very similar to Yuan Jin’s. The energy had already condensed and formed a tear-shaped crystal. Yilan widened her eyes in surprise at this discovery. Yang Tian and Ye Song, who was peeking at the side, couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Yilan walked over to the other bed to take the person’s pulse. The energy in Zing Meng’s brain had only started condensing compared to Ye Feng’s.

“Lan Lan, how are they?” Dylan asked, seeing that the other two had worried faces.

“The energy in this guy is still forming and condensing, so it may take a couple of days to 1-2 weeks for him to wake up.” Yilan pointed to Zeng Ming.

“Ye Feng’s condition, on the other hand, is very similar to Yuan Jin. It shouldn’t take long for him to wake up, but wasn’t he conscious just a while ago?” Yilan asked as she stared at Yang Tian, her eyes brimming with curiosity.

“Feng ge fell into a coma a little after we that incident.” Yang Tian replied in a worried tone. “Is something wrong?”

“No, no! He’s fine. It’s just astonishing how he managed to stay conscious even when energy was forming in his brain.” Yilan turned around to stare at Ye Feng on the bed. “There must be something special about his physique to be able to endure that kind of pain…Can I–”

Dylan saw the fanatic expression in his sister’s eyes. He hurriedly rushed to grab Yilan and pulled her out of the room.

“You guys heard her, those two will be fine. Anyway, there are things we need to do, so we’ll see ourselves out.”

Without another word, Dylan pulled his maniac of a sister out of the house and closed the door without giving her a chance to speak.

Dylan glanced at the dark clouds covering the sky.

“It’s going to rain…” He murmured softly before turning towards Yilan. “Go back to the house first. Judging by the color of those clouds, I think it might be raining red rain tonight. I’ll go back to warn those guys.”

Yilan pouted at him for pulling her out of the house, away from her possible ‘test subject’.

“Oookay.” She replied in annoyance.

After making sure that she walked on ahead, Dylan went back to Yang Tian and the others.

“Dylan, is there something?” Yang Tian was surprised to see Dylan come back.

“My sister forgot to mention that those who form energy in their brain would awaken powers. Also, if it rains later and the color of the rain is red, I advise you and your group to stay indoors until it stops raining.” Dylan said earnestly. “That’s all I wanted to say, ciao!”

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