HAWRR Chapter 311

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (24)

Gu Shengyin watched a great show.

“I didn’t expect Qi Shishi’s ability to be even more powerful under his influence.” Gu Shengyin spoke with the system. “Her words seemed like she was admitting her mistake, but in reality, she’s actually pushing all the blame onto Yuan Chen.”

“Ridiculous!” Gu Shengyin scoffed. “Yuan Chen could be considered to be carrying this pot. Could it be that he is blaming himself for being too outstanding causing others to fall in love with him? Did someone force her, Qi Shishi, to do this type of thing? In this world, there are many people who have unrequited love. How many people would be like her, acting so unscrupulously?”

“This woman is difficult to deal with. It is estimated that Yuan Chen would fall head first this time.” Gu Shengyin ultimately concluded.

Sure enough, there was no news of the two breaking up in school.

Gu Shengyin did not care too much about the outcome of this incident.

She told Yuan Chen what Qi Shishi had done in the past, which was merely a minor retaliation. She would not take the initiative to harm someone, but she would not directly forgive those who intended to harm her.

After settling the matter of the two people, Gu Shengyin began dating her lover wholeheartedly. 

The two of them were usually people who could be seen from a distance and not to be disrespected. Who could have thought that after they got together, they would unexpectedly be so blinding to the eyes.

For example:

“Master, don’t add green onions to the stewed green pepper tofu. Stir-fry a pork shoulder, don’t add ginger…” This clear-eyed man quietly urged the chef in the cafeteria. 

Green onions and ginger, Gu Shengyin did not like to eat them.

Another example:

“Here!” Gu Shengyin passed a bottle of fruit juice in her hand, opened another bottle to drink, but it was taken away by Lu Zhangting.

He turned around and left. After a short period of time, he returned with the exact same bottle in his hand.

“Here. Girls consuming cold things isn’t good.”

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

Another example:

“Senior, you came to pick up Sheng Lu after class ah!” Many girls in the class were already familiar with Lu Zhangting and greeted him one after another.

“En.” Lu Zhangting nodded his head.

“Hmm, senior, what do you have in your hand ah?” (

Just when Gu Shengyin came out, Lu Zhangting took out a coat from the bag in his hand.

“It’s raining outside today, a bit cold.”

The onlooker’s mood: I eat this dog food!


In contrast to the two of them, Qi Shishi and Yuan Chen were far from being harmonious.

Qi Shishi especially felt particularly mentally and physically exhausted these days.

Although she and Yuan Chen did not break up, those things that she had done seemed like a thorn stuck in both of their hearts.

Unable to set it aside, she could only look on helplessly as it took root and grew between her and Yuan Chen.

As a result, she treated Yuan Chen with all of her heart and always thought that he would see her heart after a long time. She always felt that Yuan Chen would one day let go of the grudge in his heart.

However, she forgot that girls need to be respected, especially self-respect.

Only when attaching importance to oneself would others regard you as important.

“Why is there eggplant? Don’t you know I don’t like eggplants? I invited people to play basketball in the afternoon. Later, I’ll just go eat something myself.” Yuan Chen looked at it with dislike, shot a glance overhead, and said as he left.

Qi Shishi looked at the food that she spent half an hour personally cooking. Being thrown like it held no value onto the table by him resembled her feelings, not being cherished at all.

She stared blankly for a long time before slowly packing things up.

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I seem to hear something shatter into pieces ;o

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11 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 311”

  1. Well, it’s not like she did anything that could be considered irredeemable, so she has a chance to turn her life around. Live with dignity, and respect yourself. Someone who requires you to sacrifice either, is not worth your time and effort (and will not appreciate it, anyways…if they even notice).


  2. Qi Shishi… A foolish fool… Why waste your time on a man that can stab you in the back when you can have more… As one song (Orig ending) from Sondheim Company puts it, “Sure, it’ll be a little lonely… but Fly, why not Fly?”

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