Cup noodles as a luxury

Cars entered the town one by one. Once they entered town, some people drove towards the residential area, while some drove towards the shopping area. All who followed Chrome’s group into town had their own thoughts and goals.

“We should find a place to stay. It might be a good idea to find a house near that group.” Yang Tian said to Ye Song as he glanced around.

Ye Song nodded heavily as he drove. During the drive to this town, Ye Feng had fallen into a coma, just like the man in the other group. With his elder brother in this condition, Yang Tian would be the one in charge since he was the deputy captain.

Just at this moment, Yang Tian’s phone rang, indicating that he had received a message. After he read it, his expression became solemn.

“What happened?” Ye Song asked with worry.

Yang Tian frowned with slight concern. “Zeng Ming is also in a coma.”

“What?!” Ye Song almost shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Don’t shout!” Yang Tian rubbed his ears before softly sighing. “In fact, this is not a bad thing. It just means that our group has another person who will awaken abilities.”

“Oh…You’re right.” Ye Song calmed down after he thought about it. Awakening an ability would mean another layer of protection during the apocalypse.

“Now drive properly.”

“Yes, sir.”

They drove around town looking for a place to stay while avoiding the zombies. After several minutes, they spotted the RV and Hummer parked inside a gated house.

“They found a pretty good spot. Let’s see if there is a decent house nearby.” Yang Tian said while looking around.

“How about that house?” Ye Song stopped the car and pointed to the left.

Yang Tian looked towards the direction where his finger pointed and saw another gated house. However, the fence of this house was not as tall as the other one.

“Not bad and it’s close to the RV group. Okay, park to the side and I’ll go check out the house.” Yang Tian ordered while texting to the two people in the other car.

The two cars parked in front of the house. 

“You stay by the car and keep a lookout. Feng ge and Zeng Ming are both out cold, so you’ll need to protect them.” Yang Tian said to Ye Song and Zi Xue.

“Wu Kang and I will check out the house.” Yang Tian grabbed a gun and tossed it to Wu Kang before climbing over the fence. Wu Kang followed him silently.

Ye Song and Zi Xue looked at each other before sighing. Whenever Yang Tian was in charge, he liked giving out orders quickly without allowing others a chance to say anything. The two armed themselves with a gun and watched their surroundings.

Once in a while, they would see several cars slowly drive by in the distance. A couple of zombies wandered into their area and slowly made their way towards them. 

Zi Xue held his gun and aimed at the zombies, but before he could pull the trigger, Ye Song stopped him. He looked at Ye Song with a puzzled expression.

“Right now, the zombies are not aware that we are here. If we fire the gun, more zombies will come in this direction. We will shoot if they come closer.” Ye Song whispered while keeping an eye on the zombies.

Zi Xue thought about it and agreed.

Right then, two cars drove by quickly. The voices of the people in the two cars echoed in the quiet neighborhood. Their sounds attracted multiple zombies in the vicinity towards them, including the ones that were heading towards Ye Song and Zi Xue.

Ye Song and Zi Xue watched as the zombies awkwardly rushed in the direction of the two cars.

Ye Song laughed, “Well, there you go. No need to worry because there are stupid people in town right now.”

“What are you guys laughing about?” A deep voice came from behind. The gate opened as two figures came out.

“Yang Tian, Wu Kang.” Zi Xue greeted them.

“How was the house?” Ye Song asked while taking a look at them. 

“There was one zombie in the house, but we took care of it without using a gun. We’ll just need to clean the house a bit.” Yang Tian said as he motioned for the two of them to get in the car. “Park in the driveway and then we’ll bring Feng ge and Zeng Ming inside, along with our supplies.”

In an orderly manner, the four men brought the two comatose people into the house. The house had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The unconscious team members were settled in a bedroom with two beds. After that, they carried their bags of supplies into the house.

“There is no electricity and we can’t be sure that the water is clean.” Ye Song said as he tried turning on the lights in the house.

Yang Tian threw each of them a pack of bread. “We have flashlights we can use, but we should only use them during emergencies. As for food, we’ll have settle with bread for now. If we reach the base, we should be able to eat some hot food again if we’re lucky enough.”

“Well, that is if the base has electricity.” Zi Xue chuckled darkly. “I wouldn’t be surprised if cup noodles would be considered as a luxury in the future.”

Starting next chapter, the chapter number will change to match Tapas. That way, it will be easier for me to keep track. 🙂

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