Symptoms of awakening

“I’ll go open the gate.” Chrome said as he got off the RV.

“Oh, your instinct is pretty good, Sister.” Dylan praised when he saw the house. With the gated fence, it should be easy to defend against zombies and trespassing people.”

He slowly drove in when Chrome had opened the gate. The Hummer behind them also slowly made its way past the gate and parked beside them.

“You can try applying your lightning powers to the fence, so anything that touches the fence would be electrocuted.” Yilan suggested to her brother.

“Oh! That’s a pretty good idea. I just have to figure out how to do it.” Dylan exclaimed and started mumbling to himself as he stared towards the gate.

Altyria cheerfully stepped out of the RV and ran towards the house. Earlier, she had scanned the house and made sure there wasn’t anyone in the house. Fortunately, it was empty with no zombies, which meant the inside was clean.

Chrome silently tagged along with a faint smile in his eyes as he watched his little wife explore the house.

Li Guanting and the others had gotten off the Hummer. Yuan Jin was still unconscious so Li Guanting and Dylan carried Yuan Jin inside the house. Yilan and Zhou Zhi made sure the gate was securely shut before heading to the RV to grab some items.

“Ah Zhi, did you guys eat yet? We have some leftovers from earlier that we can reheat.” Yilan asked as she took out the dishes to show Zhou Zhi.

Zhou Zhi’s stomach growled when she saw the food and her face flushed red with embarrassment. “W-We haven’t eaten yet…”

Yilan smiled softly, “No need to be embarrassed! Let’s heat this up and bring it inside the house. We’ll be staying here for the night, but I don’t know if we will take a look around this town since it’s not dark yet.”

The two heated the food and carried them to the house. Li Guanting’s stomach growled the moment he smelled the food.

“Ting ge, Lan Lan said we can eat these.” Zhou Zhi placed the food on the table. There were stir-fried vegetables with tofu and steamed fish.

Li Guanting looked gratefully towards Yilan before sitting down to eat. He didn’t expect to be able to eat something this after the apocalypse occurred. This was considered a luxurious meal now, considering the current situation.

“We had a feeling you guys wouldn’t have the time to eat, so we made extras.” Dylan said as he glanced around the house before heading outside. “I’m going to check out the fence.”

Yilan walked over to Yuan Jin to check his condition. 

During this short time, the amount of energy in his brain had increased significantly. That energy had condensed and formed a small crystal in the shape of a tear.

Zhou Zhi and Li Guanting had watched quietly as Yilan took Yuan Jin’s pulse. They waited for her diagnosis.

Yilan withdrew her hand and smiled at them. “Contrary to my expectation, the energy in his brain has already condensed into a solid form, indicating that he will wake up much sooner than expected.”

“That’s great!” Zhou Zhi sighed in relief.

Li Guanting also felt relieved, but wondered about the energy in the brain. 

Seeing the puzzled expression on his face, Yilan began explaining, “This is a new phenomenon because of the red rain last night. It causes some people to form energy in their brain, which would later turn into a new source of power.”

She walked over to the table to sit with them. “In other words, Yuan Jin will have some sort of ability once he wakes up. Of course, he would need to learn how to use that ability.”

“So not everyone would be able to obtain an ability?” Zhou Zhi asked.

“That’s correct. I’m not sure about the specifics, but from what I know, few people would awaken powers. Of course, I could be wrong as well. Who knows?” Yilan shrugged her shoulders.

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