When Altyria stepped into the RV, she caught a whiff of food being cooked and spotted the figure in the kitchen.

“Husband!” Altyria wrapped her arms around Chrome’s waist as he was frying some vegetables.

“Welcome back, wife. They didn’t give you much trouble, did they?” Chrome’s gaze softened as he turned his head to smile at her.

She rubbed her face against his back and murmured, “No, they are just little clowns hopping around seeking attention. Anyways, what are you making?”

Dylan, who had followed after Altyria, was once again stuffed with dog food the moment he stepped into the RV. He somewhat regret returning to the RV so quickly.

Chrome glanced at Dylan who was clutching his chest, as if he was in pain. “Once Yilan returns, we will set off. We need to reach the town closest to us before the sun sets.”

Hearing the order, Dylan immediately stopped pretending he was in pain and straightened his back.

“Aye, aye Boss!” He saluted and walked to the front of the RV.

Altyria rested her cheek against Chrome’s back as she watched Dylan walk away before a thought popped up in her mind. 

“Oh, husband, I almost forgot. While you were cultivating, I saw a forum post that talked about how to survive in during an apocalypse. The person who made that post is in G City, which we will be passing by, but my instincts tell me that it would be very troublesome if we met that person.”

Chrome’s hands paused for a moment before he continued cooking.

“The same person who made the first post?”

“Mhmm, the same person.”

Chrome thought for a bit before replying, “Then we will pass directly through the city without making a stop to be on the safe side.”

“Really? You believe me?” Altyria had a surprised expression on her face. Her instincts were a new ability that she gained after being reborn and sometimes she was doubtful of it.

Chrome smiled at her adorable expression when he turned around. He couldn’t help but reach out and pinch her cheek before turning back to turn off the stove. “Silly, wife. Of course, I will believe you. You’re my wife and instincts should always be trusted, so put trust in your instincts. It will save your life.”

Altyria smiled brightly at his words and went to sit on the sofa.

At this time, Yilan had returned and sat next to Altyria. “I’m back!”

“Welcome back, Lan Lan. How was Yuan Jin?” Altyria asked.

Dylan immediately set the RV on autopilot before making his way to the kitchen to help Chrome bring the dishes to the table.

“He’s okay. It should be the symptoms of awakening powers in this world. Once the energy accumulates enough, then the person would awaken with new abilities. Judging by the amount of energy in his brain, it shouldn’t be long before he wakes up.” Yilan said as she took a sip of tea that was poured by Altirya.

“That’s great! That means there is one more person who could do the dirty work for us under the name of training.” Dylan grinned.

Yilan gave him a glare. “You’re just being lazy. Judging how we already encountered a level 2 zombie on the first day, I assume that higher level zombies will pop up soon.”

Dylan just shrugged at her words. “We can just treat it as training then.”

The twins continued bickering until Chrome gave them a look, causing them to eat quietly.

Beep, beep, beep.

Chrome and the group had reached their destination. The RV and the Hummer entered the town.

“Boss, are we sleeping in the RV or…?” Dylan looked towards Chrome.

“We’ll look for a place to stay for the night. We don’t have enough space for three more people in the RV.” Chrome said promptly.

“Dylan, drive over here. This house is large enough for the seven of us, including space to park the RV and Hummer.” Altyria pointed to a location on the map.

“Roger.” Dylan maneuvered the RV towards the location.

While driving around the town, they passed by several zombies. The zombies attempted to chase after the noise they heard but were too slow. 

Soon, they arrived at the house that Altyria spoke of. From the outside, the house was quite large in a small town and had a gated fence that was tall enough to keep zombies out. To the side of the house, there was a large space that would fit the RV and Hummer.

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