HAWRR Chapter 309

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (22)

Yuan Chen seemed to be unable to react to what he said.

He stared blankly as Lu Zhangting walked directly to Gu Shengyin’s side after he finished speaking and naturally held her hand.

“Am I late?”

Gu Shengyin suddenly smiled lightly: “No, perfect timing.”

Not only Yuan Chen, but even Lu Zhangtin had never seen Sheng Lu smile before.

Once a beauty smiles, it was as if the new moon emerged from the clouds, seemingly enshrouded with a layer of untouchable splendid light.

Lu Zhangting tightened his hand around Gu Shengyin’s hand. He felt somewhat uncomfortable that such a rare scene was seen by another man.

“Let’s go. I booked a seat in a restaurant.” He picked up Gu Shengyin’s bag with one hand and held her hand with the other.

When passing by Yuan Chen, he nodded lightly towards him.

Yuan Chen watched the two walk away, feeling like he had lost his soul.

He could certainly see that the behavior of getting along with each other was absolutely not faked to trick him.

Gu Shengyin and Lu Zhangting walked outside of the school.

“I think this can be considered me passing?” Lu Zhangting asked without releasing her hand.

Gu Shengyin did not speak, but did not brush off his hand.

But there were always relatively attractive topics in school.

For example, the school beauty was dating the male god.

Some people said that Yuan Chen had not come to class for two days.

Others have said that Qi Shishi was often seen appearing at the door of Yuan Chen’s dorm these days. This girl’s thoughts towards Yuan Chen let many people feel touched.

Time passed by very quickly and soon came the day of the Literature and Arts performance.

Qi Shishi arrived to the backstage early.

She was going to put on the most delicate makeup, put on the most beautiful dance clothes, and perform the best dance of a lifetime.

She wanted everyone to see, between her and Sheng Lu, who was better.

Gu Shengyin quietly watched Qi Shishi in the backstage.

Watery sleeves fluttered gently; a willow waist swayed like the gentle breeze, flying quickly like an Eastern bean goose.

It was truly very beautiful.

After the song ended, Qi Shishi listened to the thunderous applause from the audience. When she stepped off from the stage, she gave a a rather provocative look towards Gu Shengyin.

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The stage suddenly went dark, leaving only a few stage spotlights.

A familiar brisk melody echoed, and a white figure elegantly slid towards the center of the stage.

Sheng Lu.

Her pure white dress was raised high, like a butterfly lingering in the garden and finally fluttering towards her goal cheerfully.

She slipped inside a long-awaited embrace.

When the lights displayed another figure, the audience started boiling.

It was Lu Zhangting!

The Lu Zhangting who had never appeared on any performances!

It appeared that the matter of the school beauty and the male god dating was definitely not rumors.

The male god pampered his girlfriend greatly.

The two of them, one black and one white, had an inexplicable tacit understanding and sincere emotions within their steps.

An embrace, entwined hands, the harmonious expressions within their eyes were all sparks that illuminated gentle feelings.

So much so that, just by looking at the both of them on stage, they could feel their deep emotions and love.

“Watching their dance, I also want to fall in love.”

Qi Shishi looked at the two people dancing and suddenly felt that her small thoughts were somewhat ridiculous.

It turned out that her dancing was very good. It turned out that she simply didn’t like to publicize herself, disliked showing off.

Then, did she know those small movements? Was she as ridiculous as a jumping clown in her eyes?


She looked at the two who were clearly in love with each other and suddenly doubted: Did Sheng Lu really like Yuan Chen?

Were her acts of revenge all a mistake?

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