HAWRR Chapter 305

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (18)

When Gu Shengyin was dining in the cafeteria, that slag man, Yuan Chen, came to her side.

The female students who were with her glanced at each other with a smile said they were full, and each of them left quickly with their lunchbox one after the other.

Yuan Chen was quite satisfied with those girl’s self-awareness.

“Sheng Lu…” He earnestly looked at Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin expressed obvious disgust this time, “Why did you look for me?”

Yuan Chen was somewhat stunned by her attitude. He did not understand. Obviously, the two of them had gotten along quite well before. Why did Sheng Lu become like this now?

“What happened? Do you have any misunderstanding towards me?” He asked anxiously.

Gu Shengyin looked back at him: “I remember I definitely clearly rejected you, Yuan Chen. I heard those rumors about you and Qi Shishi. I do not accept your feelings. Who you love is your business, but can you not come looking for me when you are being ambiguous with others?”

Yuan Chen saw the contempt on her beautiful face: “For the people who do not know, I’m afraid they might misunderstand me, Sheng Lu, trying to snatch someone else’s boyfriend!” 

She looked at her lunchbox on the table and also lost her appetite: “I’ve eaten enough, good bye.”

“Wait, it’s not like this…” Yuan Chen intended to explain, but Gu Shengyin disinclined to listen to his explanation.

She did not want to have any relationship with these two people.

Yuan Chen had a stomach filled with gloom that had no where to be let loose. In the afternoon, when Qi Shishi came looking for him, she became a target for him to vent on.

“Classmate Qi Shishi, please do not come looking for me in the future.” Yuan Chen looked at Qi Shishi. Although his face wore a smile, Qi Shishi saw a trace of ridicule from his eyes.

“Everyone is aware that I am pursuing your department’s Sheng Lu. You doing this is making things difficult for me.” Yuan Chen left after he finished those words.

Qi Shishi stared at his back, shaking with anger.

What do you mean ‘making things difficult’? It was not like I have been doing this for a day or two. You did not say it earlier nor later; you come looking for me after coming into contact with Sheng Lu.

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That’s right, the matter of Sheng Lu and Yuan Chen meeting in the cafeteria today at noon, many people saw it. Of course, Qi Shishi also heard about it from others.

When she heard the two of them seemingly parting on bad terms, she was very happy.

Where would one know that Yuan Chen would unexpectedly have no poise and scatter his anger on this girl.

Qi Shishi suddenly felt like crying. She vacantly walked to a corner of a small garden, sat down, and covered her face with her hands.

She thought, for the sake of this man, she had renounced the roots of her heart, schemed and dealt with Sheng Lu, who had no injustice nor hate towards her. 

But what was the result? In return, all she got was the phrase, “You’re making things difficult.”

In the middle of the night, she would spurn herself, but when frequently thinking of Yuan Chen sunny smile, the slight remorse would be hidden in the farthest corner in her heart.

She liked him.

Even if he expressed obvious dislike towards her, even if he liked another woman, she, Qi Shishi still liked Yuan Chen!

She liked him to the point of not wanting to blame Yuan Chen. She could only push all the blame to Sheng Lu.

It was all this woman’s fault.

If it wasn’t because of her, she would be the most beautiful and outstanding girl in the Foreign Language department, and Yuan Chen would definitely like her.

There was no way Gu Shengyin could peep into her heart; otherwise, she would have definitely said to Qi Shishi: “Girl, your brain is sick and needs to be cured. Additionally, Yuan Chen, that sort of man, since you’re fond of him, you can take him. This pot, I won’t carry it!”

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    1. Indeed…somone who truly loves you will always treasure you (in their own way). Don’t be fooled by appearances, and look at someone’s motivations and true sincerity.

      And always, always remember, if you don’t treasure yourself, who else will?

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