HAWRR Chapter 304

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (17)

In short, after this birthday banquet, Sheng Lu’s reputation at First University once again exploded through the school.

Previously, everyone only heard all kinds of rumors saying that her family financial situation was very good, but most people didn’t have much of a clear picture.

However, this time, everyone knew that she was a genuine rich young lady, and her background was extremely impressive.

Compared to her, those rich second generations, who were usually high-profile and flaunted their wealth, really didn’t have anything worth showing.

Many people with colorful personalities began to appear around Gu Shengyin. She no longer resembled her previous self, having a cold and detached face towards everyone and refusing them from thousands of miles away.

Although her temper was still cold, she had already begun learning slowly how to participate in some group activities and getting along with everyone.

There were now people saving her a seat for class. Some people would call out to her when she was eating. When she had an issue to deal with, someone would take the initiative to help her take a leave of absence…

The frequency of Sheng Lu appearing in everyone’s conversation was increasing. Their evaluation of her was getting higher and higher.

Everything was developing as Gu Shengyin anticipated.

Qi Shishi felt that something had changed.

She was aware that Sheng Lu liked Yuan Chen.

One time, she was dozing off on a swing in one of the library’s small gardens. That place was rather hidden and the people standing by it were usually not aware of it at all. When she woke up, she saw a very beautiful girl looking ahead of her in a daze. Her expression of longing and fondness was blatantly unconcealed.

Qi Shishi was unusually curious as to which boy could receive such a beauty’s love and then saw a familiar figure.

Yuan Chen.

He was also the person that Qi Shishi liked.

Suddenly, she felt a sense of crisis in her heart.

Later, she knew that this exceptionally beautiful girl called Sheng Lu was a cold and proud beauty. No one was aware that this cold beauty liked Yuan Chen, a boy who many girls liked.

After she knew what Sheng Lu’s elective courses were, she was even more certain on this thought.

At first, Qi Shishi was not worried at all when she found out about Sheng Lu’s personality.

Because of Sheng Lu’s temperament, she was destined to not be lovable; however, she nevertheless couldn’t help but to use small tricks because Gu Shengyin’s looks made her too uneasy.

Only by completely eliminating her out of the competition could she relax.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

But recently, Gu Shengyin was very abnormal.

Qi Shishi thought that she became another person.

She had become more popular than before. Those classmates who had obviously been closer to her before, would now mention Sheng Lu every time they opened their mouths.

The matter that made her worry the most was Yuan Chen.

Yuan Chen did not hide his interest towards Sheng Lu. His pursuit of the great school beauty was practically already an open secret.

Although Sheng Lu’s behavior towards Yuan Chen was not fake, Qi Shishi believed she was merely holding onto her so-called ‘aloofness’.

Qi Shishi was somewhat anxious. She began to appear frequently in front of Yuan Chen. Even Yuan Chen’s several roommates could make it out: The famous flower of the Foreign Language Department appeared to have an interest towards Yuan Chen.

“Pretty good, man! Attracting a young woman who ended up taking the initiative.”

Yuan Chen smiled: “Don’t talk mindlessly. Who I’m chasing, don’t you guys know?”

Although having said that, he did not explicitly reject Qi Shishi. Being pursued by such a beautiful woman exceedingly satisfied his ego.

Anyway, she, Qi Shishi, also did not confess so he could act like he did not know.

When Gu Shengyin was aware of this matter, she sighed with sorrow: These two people, a slag man and a scheming woman, she could not help but say that they quite fit each other.

JMin’s Corner:

A slag man is a slag man. *Smh*

Ari’s Corner:

i already knew he was a slag man *disdain*

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