HAWRR Chapter 302

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (15)

Since they needed to dance, the two of them inevitably had more time to contact each other.

In this regard, Lu Zhangting expressed that he was especially willing.

“Liang Zimu, that guy, just happened to open a dance studio. Let’s go to his place.” Lu Zhangting gave a phone call to Liang Zimu.

When his friend made a request, Liang Zimu did not waste words: The VIP areas of the third floor. Whichever one you take fancy of, just use it.

“Senior, you should have experience in dancing, right?” Gu Shengyin asked.

Lu Zhangting nodded. It was absolutely necessary for children in families like theirs to study social etiquette, including Waltz, from an early age.

“Then, let’s try it first.” Gu Shengyin put on a relaxing music. She raised her body, turned her head, and her footsteps changed.

Gu Shengyin wore a snowy white dress. When she moved, her dress fluttered along with her movements, like a cheerful butterfly lingering among the flowers.

Lu Zhangting just watched that girl dance. Due to her movements, a light blush appeared on her face, which somewhat weakened her cold expression and added a little bit of charm and gentleness.

The slender point of her shoe gently touched the ground and a round arc was drawn. Little by little, she entered his territory.

Lu Zhangting suddenly withdrew his gaze and went up to meet her.

Their eyes abruptly met each other unexpectedly and respectively withdrew. Their hands intertwined and their bodies made contact with each other. Even their breathing was in sync. 

Hard angles and soft curves melding together; elegance and excitement bringing forth passion. It was obviously their first time dancing together, but it was as if they had practiced countless times together. Every step and every emotion in their eyes contained each other’s intentions. 

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When the music stopped, the two of them embraced each other quietly, only letting go after a while.

Lu Zhangting felt as if his soul had been pulled out of his body. He suddenly recalled something and looked at Gu Shengyin: “You don’t reject my touch?” 

With his capability, it was naturally impossible to let go of any matters related to Gu Shengyin since he set his mind on her.

Three days after Gu Shengyin had ineffably fainted, he understood the reason why she fainted.

There was a psychological aversion and rejection towards strangers, so much that it was considered a phobia. 

His investigation of the clues of what had happened in the past was put to a stop due to Grandpa Sheng’s influence, but Lu Zhangting could roughly guess what happened. 

He had felt sorry for Gu Shengyin then, yet there was a huge surprise now.

The two of the just danced together, yet Gu Shengyin did not show any discomfort or rejection from the beginning of the dance until the end. Did this mean that she had already accepted him from the bottom of her heart?

Gu Shengyin also remembered this body’s shortcoming. In fact, Sheng Lu really did have a psychological disease. As long as she could overcome it, it would not be a serious problem. 

After switching to Gu Shengyin, this problem would of course be split when it met the knife’s edge1.

Looking at a certain man’s face beaming with joy, Gu Shengyin felt that there was no need to explain it.

Originally, he was the most special person for her, right? 

“I don’t know. I don’t feel uncomfortable having contact with you.” She said softly.

Lu Zhangting was overjoyed. He recalled their dance from just now. He said: “It seems that xue mei and I have fate. I have never danced so smoothly with other girls.”

JMin’s Corner:

Ugh, too descriptive = too hard for me to translate, but i think i did a good job? ;-;

Ari’s Corner:

i wanna see them do a tango owo

also dw jmin i made it flow better a bit

easily solved

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  1. Nahh… Tango is too hot for this high class couple… Nahhh… For this couple, the waltz is high end enough to show elegance, grace AND skill…


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