HAWRR Chapter 301

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (14)

She looked at Qi Shishi. If it was said that Qi Shishi did not have her hand in this, Gu Shengyin would not believe it.

Gu Shengyin had a humorless smile on her face: “This list, if I recall correctly, requires the approval of the one in charge of the Arts department ah.”

Qi Shishi’s face flashed with difficulty. She forced a smile: “I was feeling ill a couple of days ago. Another person was in charge of the Arts department, so I’m not too clear about what had happened.”

After she finished speaking, she did not wait for Gu Shengyin to say something to refuse. She exaggeratedly said with pity: “I’m begging you! Sheng Lu, your reputation is famous, so even if we find someone to replace you, it’s also impossible to match up. For the sake of our Foreign Language department, I’ll have to trouble you this once.”

Qi Shishi really planned very well.

Sheng Lu came to First University for so long, but did not specialize in any form of art.

In her (QSS) heart, students at this age who were in their prime of youth, have some talents that they are eager to reveal in order to make it known that they are multi-talented.

Such as Qi Shishi herself. Many freshmen know the flower of the Foreign Language department, Qi Shishi, not only did she have good grades, but she was also skilled in classical dances and made many performing arts students feel inferior.

After Qi Shishi left with a satisfied smile, Gu Shengyin laughed softly.

Apparently, Qi Shishi wanted to let her, the school beauty, embarrass herself in the Arts performance.

If Gu Shengyin really did what she said, just performing casually, it was estimated that rumors of the talent of the Foreign Language department’s flower could win over the school beauty would come out the next day.

It’s truly a pity.  Gu Shengyin was in a very good mood as she thought. I’m afraid that I will have to let you down.

Qi Shishi was in a very cheerful mood.

It was not known whether Sheng Lu was intentional or unintentional, but she actually chose modern dance.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

Speaking of dancing, Qi Shishi was still very proud. Compared to those dancers who were genuinely majoring in it, she was quite confident in her dance skills.

Since the magnificent school beauty also chose dance, then…

“Senior, the list has come out.” She handed over a piece of paper.

“Oh! Sheng Lu xue mei is also dancing?” The person who was called ‘senior’ hesitated for a moment. “It’s not a good idea to put the performance of both of you together, right? One dance ended and then there’s another dance.”

Qi Shishi said with a smile: “I am doing a classical dance. Sheng Lu’s is modern dance, which are entirely different experiences.”

That senior thought about it without speaking and nodded.

Qi Shishi saw this and became even more happy: Not only are they entirely different experiences, but our differences in skill can also be compared, isn’t that right? 

Gu Shengyin sighed as she listened to the system report to her: Really, everyone’s life is smooth and steady. After a few years, I would be on my sunlit road, and you would walk your single bridge, isn’t that fine? 

(Ari: too lazy to make a footnote; she’s p much saying, they’re going to walk separate paths in life that don’t intersect with each other; so they’ll have nothing to do with each other in the future, so why is QSS forcing conflict? and looking to die lol)

System was somewhat curious: “What do you plan to dance?”

Gu Shengyin replied: “Didn’t I put it on the list? Waltz.”

System: “Oh! Host, are you going to look for your lover?”

Gu Shengyin praised it with a beaming smile: “Really smart.”

Gu Shengyin gave Lu Zhangting a call.

Lu Zhangting heard a girl’s voice on the phone: “Senior, can I trouble you with something?”


“I am intending to dance a waltz on the Literature and Arts performance. Can I invite senior to be my male partner?” The girl’s voice seemed somewhat embarrassed.

Lu Zhangting smiled the moment he heard this.

Although she didn’t have any meaning in regards to being a couple, he was the first person to think of when this kind of thing happened.

This was a good start, wasn’t it?

JMin’s Corner:

Oh, our MC is being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Although I’ve said that I’ll start translating again, I’ve only translated one chapter lol. RIP. There’s still 4 more chapters left in stock tho. I’ll slowly work on another chapter by then. 🙂

Ari’s Corner:

sigh, as they say: no zuo no die

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