HAWRR Chapter 299

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (12)

After successfully finding out her address, Lu Zhangting went back to school in a fabulous mood, completely forgetting a certain “weak, cute” friend.

When she arrived to school the next day, Gu Shengyin received a lot of concern from her classmates. When she was carried away yesterday, her appearance had frightened them.

“Thank you, everyone. I’m much better now. Nothing happened.” She calmly thanked them. Although she was still expressionless, they could still tell that she was sincerely grateful.

Those students suddenly felt that Gu Shengyin wasn’t actually proud and condescending like she usually seemed. Perhaps she was just bad with words.

Qi Shishi looked at Gu Shengyin, who easily obtained a good impression from their classmates, and suddenly asked: “Sheng Lu, what happened to you yesterday? Suddenly using so much strength to push me away?”

Her words caused their surroundings to quiet down. Everyone remembered the incident of Gu Shengyin pushing Qi Shishi, and she, herself, fainting yesterday. They were also very curious about what exactly had happened.

Gu Shengyin’s face turned slightly pale when she heard this. When everyone was worried that she would faint again, she tried to stay calm and undisturbed: “It was my fault yesterday. I’m sorry, Qi Shishi. I will pay for your medical expenses.”

With the way she was speaking, everyone could tell that her state was somewhat wrong, causing everyone to become even more suspicious about the incident.

Qi Shishi’s intended result was reversed.

Clearly, Sheng Lu’s sentence took all the mistakes onto herself, but discerning people who were present that day could see that Sheng Lu’s condition was clearly more serious.

The way she said it only made people even more curious as to what had happened, and they would subconsciously sympathize with the weak, being partial towards Sheng Lu. 

Qi Shishi was grinding her teeth in her heart: I originally thought that this rich young lady was lofty and didn’t deal with common people. I didn’t expect her to be so black inside.

After this incident, Gu Shengyin successfully established her “amiable and approachable” image.

Although it was not as good as Qi Shishi’s, but nothing would happen as a result of the incident, and even those people who came out to speak against her was gone.

There was still a class in the afternoon with Yuan Chen.

After class, Yuan Chen suddenly called Gu Shengyin to a corner of the corridor.

“Is something the matter?” Gu Shengyin asked.

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Yuan Chen recalled his roommate’s words. It really did make sense, for certain things, he should ‘strike first and gain the upper hand’1.

“Sheng Lu, I have something I want to say to you.” Yuan Chen gazed at Gu Shengyin somewhat nervously.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked.

Gu Shengyin shook her head.

Yuan Chen was happy but before he could continue, Gu Shengyin was one step ahead and said: “I’m sorry, Yuan Chen. Temporarily, I don’t have any thoughts in regards to that.”

Yuan Chen felt like a bucket of cold water was poured over his head. But why couldn’t he understand, that this was actually an indirect rejection.

But looking at Gu Shengyin’s cold appearance, hope was still ignited in his heart: She didn’t say she didn’t like me. Rather, she did not want to think about thing right now. Doesn’t that mean others will also be rejected as well? In this case, I still have hope! 

Gu Shengyin did not know that the other person’s heart had reignited his fiery fighting spirit. She nodded and left.

After turning a corner, she saw a certain man standing there.

Lu Zhangting was carrying a thermos container in his hand. When he saw her, he smiled faintly and said: “It seems like I did not come at a good time.” 

JMin’s Corner:

When things don’t go your way… (Qi Shishi)

Can I say that Yuan Chen is in denial??

Ari’s Corner:

dense guys who don’t understand rejections are quite annoying

1. pursuing her first to gain advantage from other competitors

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15 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 299”

  1. In his defense, we guys are typically pretty straightforward and tend to take things at face value. Since she never said she had no interest in him, she left that door cracked open, so it’s her own fault.

    Ladies, let this be a lesson: if you don’t like or want to be with someone, don’t beat around the bush or try to be overly nice in order to not hurt their feelings; that just tends to cause misunderstandings, awkwardness, and frustration for both parties. We guys tend to think that if someone is nice to us, then they have feelings for us.

    The best way to stop everything is to give a firm, clear rejection, leaving no room for misunderstandings or misguided hope. I’m not telling you to be nasty about it, but it’s better to rip off the bandaid quickly then trying to peel it off bit by bit.

    And P.S., NEVER tell a guy you were happy about theif confession/asking you out…UNLESS you want them to keep harrassing you (since in their minds you just gave them s green light).

    Now there are some high EQ guys that understand all this stuff from a girls perspective (they are in reality, typicalky about as comkon as Jackslopes), but (and this is important) *inhale* the overwhelming majority of guys are completely dense, and only understand things when you hit them with the figurative baseball bat, so turning down gently or trying to suggest things will almost always give you the exact opposite results of what you wanted, cause that’s all they can understand from non-direct conversation.

    Remember guys can only undrrstand literal and direct (because, yes we’re typically emotionally stupid until we go through enough trauma to somewhat figure it out).


    That’s it for today’s episode of “Papa’s Corner” enjoy!

    (IRL I’m an old fart who’s been around way to long, so been there, seen that 😅)

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    1. Up above should have been “(they are in reality, typically about as common as Jackslopes)”

      *sigh* typing on a smartphone…


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