HAWRR Chapter 298

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (11)

Hence, a hot pot dinner for two became a dinner for three.

When Yuan Chen and his roommates came in, they saw this harmonious atmosphere.

Sheng Lu and two men sitting at a table, her expression was very relaxed and even had a faint smile.

Yuan Chen suddenly felt jealous. Even though he knew that when Gu Shengyin faced him, it was not too bad. She was always not too cold and not too hot. But she was nowhere near like this, obviously very comfortable with these two people.

If he knew that Gu Shengyin and those two people had not known each other for a long time and that she just met one of them, it could be guessed that he would be even more jealous.

When he recognized who those two men were, his jealousy inflated even more.

Lu Zhangting, there was no one in the finance department who didn’t recognize him.

Yuan Chen, himself, was also considered to mix very well in the department; however, he was just a little famous among the freshmen. Lu Zhangting’s name was not only well-known in the finance department, but most people throughout the entire First University also knew of him.

Several of his published papers had been placed on the front page by one of the best domestic finance and economics magazines. It was said that when he was a freshman, there were many large corporations that wished to sign a business contract with him. 

All in all, Lu Zhangting was a legend in First University.

He, Yuan Chen, could not compare with him.

Lu Zhangting did not overlook the gaze that fell on him. He noticed the hostility in Yuan Chen’s eyes and raised an eyebrow.

This Yuan Chen, he was probably the person speaking amiably with Sheng Lu xue mei in the photo on the forum previously ba?

But…looking at Sheng Lu’s appearance, it seemed that she was not very concerned about him.

Lu Zhangting withdrew his gaze. Since Sheng Lu had nothing to do with him, there was no need to waste his mind on irrelevant people.

On this side, the brother1 who had the best relationship with Yuan Chen, the one who had previously teased Yuan Chen in the dormitory, also saw Gu Shengyin and her group at a table.

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In fact, all the guests in the store did not ignore that table; after all, the face value of the three people far exceeded the level of average values. If it weren’t for their face actually being relaxed and them not being low-key, everyone would have been trying to guess whether or not a few celebrities had come here to eat hot pot.

Yuan Chen’s roommate was aware that he had a bit of thoughts towards Gu Shengyin and poked him at this moment.

“Hey, Yuan Chen, you should listen to me and hold on(to Sheng Lu) firmly.” His roommate whispered, “Although you are excellent, people like Lu Zhangting are what girls likes the most. Seeing them like this, clearly they just got to know each other and still have not progressed into a deeper relationship; otherwise, news of this would certainly spread throughout school. Don’t blame your brother for not reminding you. You should make a move as soon as possible ah!”

Yuan Chen fiercely chugged beer wordlessly. 

Gu Shengyin and her group came comparatively early, so they left when Yuan Chen and his group had just sat down for a bit.

“Where do you live? I’ll send you back.” Lu Zhangting said.

Gu Shengyin said: “No need, it’s close by.”

Lu Zhangting knit his eyebrows: “That’s out of the question. It’s late night now, it’s not safe for you, as a girl.”

Liang Zimu watched the both of them sourly: “Aih, I am such a weak, cute little boy. It’s also not safe for me to go back late at night. Why don’t I have a damned follower to care about me?”

Lu Zhangting ignored him while following Gu Shengyin, the two of them walking ahead.

“Senior Liang, good bye.” Gu Shengyin politely bid farewell.

“Ah?” Liang Zimu was dumbstruck. They actually left him behind like this?

JMin’s Corner:

Poor cute lil’ boy~

Ari’s Corner:

LOL poor Liang Zimu

1. friendship between guys call each other brother

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