HAWRR Chapter 297

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (10)

Gu Shengyin once again sat in the hot pot restaurant beside the school.

This time, Gu Shengyin knew her limits, and pointed at the medium level of spiciness. The last time, her mouth was so spicy that it was still faintly painful when she thought back. She did not dare to court death.

Unsure whether it was an illusion or not, Gu Shengyin felt that when she chose the medium level of spiciness, the man sitting across from her seemed to have a disappointed expression.

A flash of light in her mind reminded her of a possibility.

Lu Zhangting saw that the girl sitting across from him indifferently looked at him and asked a serious question: “Senior is very fond of eating spicy?”

Lu Zhangting felt a bit puzzled by this question, but he shook his head honestly.

Hence, the two of them very happily(?) began eating hot pot.

“Wow! Lao da1, you’re actually secretly dating here with a beauty!” A fussy voice came from behind them.

Then a white figure quickly flew to the opposite side of Gu Shengyin, the seat next to Lu Zhangting.

Gu Shengyin raised her head to look. He was a baby-faced boy and appeared to be only fifteen or sixteen years old. His eyes were very large, had some baby fat, and his smile was very adorable—Gu Shengyin wanted to reach out and pinch his face.

That boy saw Gu Shengyin and was clearly stunned. After that he blushed fiercely and looked at her brightly with eyes shining like the full moon.

Jie jie2, you’re so beautiful!”

Gu Shengyin nearly choked. She had not heard such a straightforward praise since a long time.

“Thank you, you are also very cute.” She earnestly replied.

“…Hahaha!” Lu Zhangting abruptly burst into laughter.

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Gu Shengyin looked at him puzzledly and happened to meet the baby-faced boy’s eyes of complaint.

Xue mei nowadays really aren’t cute one bit.” He pouted and complained before smiling again.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m called Liang Zimu, a sophomore in First University’s financial department. Sheng Lu xue mei, you are just as beautiful as the rumors says.” Liang Zimu said seriously.

Sophomore? Gu Shengyin looked at Liang Zimu with surprise. With his appearance, saying that he was a high school student, there would be absolutely no one who would be skeptical.

Liang Zimu saw her expression and knew what she was thinking. Silently sighing and touching his face in depression: “Alas, this natural beauty, time doesn’t touch and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Gu Shengyin was amused by him. She held back a laugh: “Senior, don’t be sad. Surely, there are many xue jie3 quite willing to discuss with you on how to maintain youthfulness.”

Lu Zhangting at the side suddenly said: “You really understand him. This guy often goes to the girl’s dormitory for a stroll, using his tender face as a weapon to fool around with the female students and also shamelessly calling them jie jie. He can now form a soccer team with those jie jie at First University.”

Gu Shengyin gazed at him with admiration: “Senior is awesome; xue mei admires you.”

Liang Zimu: …

Thinking of this, he cast a hateful glance at Lu Zhangting, whose outside appearance and inner reality differed4, no one could be compared to the sesame stuffed bun in front of him.

At that time, he was confused by Lu Zhangting’s clear and bright appearance. He happily and cheerfully ran ran over to be friends with him. As a result, for more than ten years, he ran errands and never managed to escape his fate.

This guy could act since childhood, how hatefully deceitful.

He only dared to say this in the bottom of his heart, because Liang Zimu knew that if Lu Zhangting heard his evaluation of him, this bastard would shamelessly reply: Overpraised.

JMin’s Corner:

ML is black-bellied~

Hence, the two of them very happily(?) began eating hot pot.” 

The (?) was in the raw…was too lazy to add a footnote to explain that 😛

Ari’s Corner:

sesame bun ML lol

1. calling him Boss = he’s the boss in their group of friends

2. big sister

3. older female student in same school

4. his true self is different than who he appears to be; the example used here “sesame stuffed bun” means he’s pure white on the outside and black on the inside

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