HAWRR Chapter 295

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (8)

Gu Shengyin could remember the original Sheng Lu’s loss.

She looked at Qi Shishi’s smile: Didn’t you want to fall? I will let you have a taste, the taste of being ruthlessly thrown down.

They saw Gu Shengyin’s complexion abruptly change. Clearly, she did not expect Qi Shishi to suddenly hold her. Her face immediately became pale and ruthlessly pushed her away.

Qi Shishi was caught off guard by this powerful push and actually tumbled onto the hard ground.

So painful! She sucked in cold air. No need to look, her elbow was definitely bleeding.

Sheng Lu, this woman, how is she so strong?

The two of them were not talking in a hidden place, just on the veranda. There were still many people in the classroom. Seeing Sheng Lu pushing Qi Shishi, they all came out the door in surprise.

Someone helped Qi Shishi stand up.

Qi Shishi “hissed” in pain several times, indicating that her fall was not light.

“Sheng Lu.” Qi Shishi’s eyes were filled with tears because of the pain—This time, she was not pretending, but was rather truly in pain.

She appeared very aggrieved and confused: “Even if you don’t like me, you can just directly tell me. Why would you want push me?”

When she said this, the surrounding people all looked at Gu Shengyin with condemning eyes.

Qi Shishi’s close friend, Li Jiayue, saw that Gu Shengyin still had such a cold and indifferent appearance and burst out in anger: “Sheng Lu, you have to give an explanation! Is being a rich young lady so amazing? The school beauty can push people as she pleases? You have to apologize to our Shishi!”

If Gu Shengyin acted the same way as in the original plot, not saying anything and turning around to leave, she would definitely be regarded as a condescending person.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

They saw her force a smile and opened her mouth, seemingly wanting to say something but still closed her mouth. After that, her face abruptly became deathly pale, and her body even began trembling when she unexpectedly fainted.

Everyone was frightened by this ineffable accident. Moreover, Sheng Lu’s appearance seemed to be more serious than Qi Shishi.

Everyone was a student in their twenties. Seeing Sheng Lu fainting like this and also not knowing what Sheng Lu’s situation was, they hurriedly made a call.

“Step aside!” A voice filled with anger came from the back of the crowd.

Lu Zhangting walked quickly through the crowd and saw Gu Shengyin collapsed on the floor with a deathly pale face. He felt shocked and heartache. He didn’t speak further and cautiously picked her up.

“Call a car to come over.” He said to the person next to him. Looking at Gu Shengyin’s appearance, it was better to go directly to the hospital.

When Lu Zhangting carried the person and disappeared from their sight, everyone finally slowly reacted.

This time, their eyes all turned towards Qi Shishi, the person involved in this accident.

“Shishi, what did you say to Sheng Lu? How is her reaction so big?” A classmate asked.

The places where Qi Shishi fell down was still throbbing in pain and she said blankly: “I just asked her about the Arts performance ah.”

Looking at the people around her that had expressions of distrust, Qi Shishi only felt bitterness in her mouth.

It should not be like this. Obviously, she was the victim. Sheng Lu should be the one that everyone criticized. Why was it her?

Even Qi Shishi’s best friend, Li Jiayue, quietly asked her when they went back: “Shishi, were you jealous of Sheng Lu so you stimulated her?” Li Jiayue was aware that Qi Shishi liked Yuan Chen.

Qi Shishi felt that she was truly wronged: “Her fainting really has nothing to do with me!”

JMin’s Corner:

Hah, well the villainess in this arc is not so nice~ But, ML was like a knight in shining armor >w0

Hi guys, my dad passed away recently so everything is hectic right now. Until things settle down and my family has a steady source of income again, chances are that I won’t be translating. But fear not, there are still chapters stashed away to be edited by Ari~ 

On top of that, my power will be shut off because of fire danger. Aye, I happen to live near a red flag area, so bummer. I don’t know when I’ll have electricity again. *Sigh*

Ari’s Corner:


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