HAWRR Chapter 293

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (6)

When Yuan Chen returned to his dorm, a roommate shouted when he saw him: “Our life winner is back!”

Yuan Chen smiled and said: “What life winner? What are you talking about?”

His roommate took out his cell phone and showed him—[School beauty AND department flower, freshman becomes the public enemy of numerous seniors].

On the screen were a few photos of Yuan Chen chatting with Sheng Lu, Qi Shishi looking at Yuan Chen with a shy expression, and Yuan Chen handing Qi Shishi a book.

Who knew which bored student had written such a long article with twists and turns and posted it on the school forum.

Many people left messages below expressing their hate and envy. Some people even expressed their desire to worship him as a master, not knowing how this xue di1 successfully met these two beautiful girls.

Yuan Chen looked at it and smiled, and then he handed it back to his roommate: “It’s complete nonsense. Not to mention everything else, I only met these two people today.”

His roommate had admiration on his face: “You only got to know them and are already so familiar? Particularly our school beauty, she is publicly known as the iceberg beauty ah, say it! How did you break the ice?”

Yuan Chen laughed: “What break the ice or not break the ice. She’s merely a bit cold-tempered. How is she anything scary like you guys said?”

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In fact, what he said was true. Sheng Lu was not as cold and proud as those rumors had said she’d be. It’s more of her not knowing how to interact with others.

The Sheng family parents were busy ever since she was young. For a long period of time when Sheng Lu was young, she was accompanied by a nanny, which lead to her maturing early and becoming an independent child.

When Sheng Lu’s parents discovered that their beautiful, bright daughter was not soft and cute like other family’s daughters and even became a small noodle stand3, it was already too late to amend it.

However, Sheng Lu did not think it was bad. She liked tranquility and would not take the initiative to make friends. This was also very good, wasn’t it?

When Yuan Chen was chatting with her, he realized this. Although she was a girl of few words and rarely took the initiative to start a conversation, she was very knowledgeable of many subjects. Moreover, she would always reply to other’s questions, which wouldn’t make people feel embarrassed.

This was not cold arrogance, but simply a taciturn personality.

He unconsciously recalled the other person’s appearance of earnestly studying with her head lowered. The tranquility of the side of her face was very picturesque.

His roommate saw his obvious appearance of spring2. He smirked and elbowed him: “Tell me, which one do you like?”

Yuan Chen snapped out of his daze and glanced at him: “What which one, I said that I met them for the first time today. This is related to a girl’s reputation. Don’t make irresponsible remarks.”

Lu Zhangting also saw the post on the forum.

Looking at the photo, Gu Shengyin was looking seriously at Yuan Chen. The two of them were clearly chatting, yet inexplicably, his heart felt quite disturbed.

It seemed that he needed to quicken his pace. His xue mei was so outstanding that there would definitely be people who wanted to steal her away.

When Gu Shengyin was in her second elective course, she once again ran across Yuan Chen.

Yuan Chen was obviously surprised, but still very happy. Of course, the two of them became deskmates again.

Gu Shengyin held her forehead. In fact, rather than two electives, it was all the electives. Sheng Lu had chosen the same electives as Yuan Chen. Even for her PE class, Sheng Lu followed Yuan Chen and chose volleyball.

After the third time that they found out that they had chosen the same electives Yuan Chen did not believe that it was a coincidence.

He narcissistically thought: Perhaps this school beauty is actually secretly in love with me, so she secretly chose the same electives as me?

However, looking at Gu Shengyin’s indifferent face, he dismissed the idea. He could see that the person was totally uninterested in him ah.

Yuan Chen was not aware that sometimes what seemed to be the most unlikely was closest to the truth.

JMin’s Corner:

Nuuu, where’s our beautiful OP ML? There’s a narcissist here next to our MC!

Ari’s Corner:

jmin it’s not thAT narcissistic, the original FL did stalk him o.o

小面摊 – basically saying she’s a little person with facial paralysis

1. younger male schoolmate

2. spring as in love

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