Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 21

Altyria held the small bottle in her hand. Even without bringing it close to her nose, she could smell its disgusting familiar scent. She wrinkled her nose.

Turning her eyes towards Gong Xinya, she wore a fake smile on her face as she thought of what action to take. Considering that Dylan and Lan Lan were done with the zombies and were heading back, Altyria decided to send them off with a warning. Although it would be a better idea to get rid of these two women, she had a feeling that they still had their uses later on.

With this thought, she said, “Throwing this bottle full of zombie blood, aren’t you afraid of karma coming back to bite you? I suggest you continue on your way and not follow behind us whether we’re going in the same direction or not. Otherwise, I’ll shove this bottle into your mouth.”

Jiang Mengxi squinted at Gong Xinya when she heard what was inside the bottle. Although she had questions she wanted to ask Gong Xinya, right now was the best time to get out of this place. 

She pulled Gong Xinya’s arm, whispering, “Let’s go.”

This time, Gong Xinya did not resist as she was still in shock from Altyria’s ‘bright’ smile. Unbeknownst to others, Altyria could ‘shock’ people’s minds when they look into her eyes using her spiritual powers. However, it would only work on those who were weaker than her in terms of spiritual power or willpower.

Seeing that they finally left, Altyria then turned to face Ye Feng and Yang Tian.

“Thank you both for stepping up to help. You can call me Altyria” Altyria said with a smile.

“No problem. I don’t like those types of people who make trouble either. Anyways, I’m Yang Tian and he’s my team leader, Ye Feng.” Yang Tian introduced himself.

Ye Feng nodded at Altyria and Li Guanting.

Li Guanting, who finally felt relieved when Altyria showed up, smiled and nodded towards the two men. “Nice to meet you. I’m Li Guanting. Zhou Zhi, my girlfriend is in the car. I also want to thank you both for stepping up to help. My girlfriend is too frightened to get out of the car, especially since one of the women was her friend.”

“Hahaha, I understand.” Yang Tian chuckled.

Li Guanting continued, “My friend Yuan Jin is also in the car, but he’s currently in a coma right now.” He then turned to Altyria. “Do you have any kind of idea as to what has happened to him? He had a headache for a while, but now he’s out cold.”

Yang Tian and Ye Feng, who were about to leave, paused their steps when they heard Li Guanting’s words. They both looked at Altyria with a hint of curiosity. Moreover, right now, Ye Feng was also having a headache. He might have the same types of symptoms as this friend of Li Guanting’s.

Altyria was aware of Ye Feng and Yang Tian’s intentions and didn’t mind them staying. She walked to the SUV and opened the back door to take a look at Yuan Jin.

Yuan Jin was breathing smoothly and did not show any signs of illness, as if he truly was just sleeping. When Altyria scanned his body using spiritual power, she noticed a bundle of energy forming in his mind.

At the side, Li Guanting was filling in Zhou Zhi on what had happened outside, as she couldn’t hear all of their conversation.

Altyria frowned, “It doesn’t seem like there is a problem. Although there is an unusual amount of energy in his mind, his body is healthy. Let’s wait until Lan Lan comes back. She’s skilled in medicine. Maybe she’ll know what happened to him.”

Ye Feng and Yang Tian were silent as they stood to the side. Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi nodded their head.

Altyria glanced towards the area where the zombies were littered on the ground. “You guys can wait here. I doubt anyone will come make trouble anymore. Lan Lan and Dylan should be coming back soon. I’ll head back to the RV.”

After throwing those words at them, Altyria walked towards the RV and entered it.

Seeing how Altyria had ruthlessly ditched them, Li Guanting decided to start a conversation with the two men since he thought it would be awkward to be standing here in silence. Zhou Zhi also joined in the conversation. They talked about where they came from and what they were doing before they apocalypse happened. Additionally, they exchanged information of what they knew about the zombies and what to watch out for.

Soon, they heard Yilan and Dylan coming towards them.

“Hi, hi~ I’m Yilan and this is my twin brother, Dylan. Nice to meet you.” Yilan greeted Ye Feng and Yang Tian. She then said, “Altyria told me what happened. Yuan Jin was in a coma, right? Let me see.”

Dylan walked up to the two men and shook their hands. It was his way of testing their strength. Dylan secretly nodded to himself. Not bad. They got potential.

Yilan took Yuan Jin’s pulse. She came to the same conclusion as Altyria: Healthy body, but unusual bundle of energy in his brain.

Zhou Zhi and Li Guanting were nervous while waiting for Yilan to speak. 

Yilan withdrew her hand from Yuan Jin’s wrist and said, “His body is healthy, but has an unusual presence of energy in his brain, but….”

Zhou Zhi and Li Guanting held their breath waiting for her to continue her sentence. Ye Feng and Yang Tian’s body was also rigid as they stared at her.

“My~ Being stared at by all of you guys is making me feel embarrassed.” Yilan playfully blushed as she pretended to be embarrassed.

Dylan’s face turned black. “Lan Lan, stop playing around and acting like a maiden in love. It doesn’t suit you. You got to take your age into consideration, after all, you’re already twen-Ooof!”

Yilan threw a jab at Dylan’s stomach to interrupt him. “You NEVER mention a lady’s age. Got that, brother!”

“Cough, I don’t think anyone is going to fall in love with you since you’re violent, unless that dude is a masochist.” Dylan yelled as he escaped from his sister and ran to the RV.

“That guy has got the nerve to…” Yilan took a deep breath before turning to face the others with a smile. “Ahem, sorry about that. I meant to say that the energy in his brain does no harm to him. Although I don’t have an exact number, I’m pretty sure that he will wake up in a couple days. The worst case scenario would be in months, but that’s highly unlikely.”

Zhou Zhihad chuckled at Yilan and Dylan’s interaction. When she heard Yilan’s explanation, she asked, “Since Yuan ge won’t be waking up any time soon, should we try to feed him water and food?”

Yilan nodded. “It’s best to try to get him to eat liquid food. If he doesn’t swallow, then at the very least he needs to drink water.” She looked towards Ye Feng and Yang Tian. “You guys should head back. We will be leaving shortly.”

The two men nodded and went back to their car. Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi discussed how to feed liquid food and water to Yuan Jin.

“For now, let’s have Yuan Jin drink water first. Wait until we stop for the night, before making some porridge. I remember we have some rice in the trunk. We can ask to borrow their kitchen to make it.” Zhou Zhi said to her boyfriend as she handed a water bottle to him. 

Li Guanting unscrewed the water bottle and propped up Yuan Jin’s body. He held the water bottle to his mouth and slowly poured it in his mouth. After a while, he stopped and lowered Yuan Jin back on the seat again. 

“Let’s go. Lan Lan sent us a message that we’re leaving now. We’ll be driving for at least four hours before we reach a small town to rest for the night.” Zhou Zhi said as she put on her seat belt.

Li Guanting nodded as he fastened his seat belt and turned the engine on. Seeing the RV in front of them started driving off, he quickly accelerated the car to follow up.

JMin: Lemme know if there are grammar mistakes!

Updates on this story is slow, but I want to know if you guys feel the progress of the story is slow or not. If it is, I’ll try to speed it up and maybe skip some parts.

Also, if anyone is curious about the spell Chrome used to soul bond in Chapter 9, it means:

Two halves to become one, eternally linked and emotionally tied. Life and death as one.

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