HAWRR Chapter 292

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (5)

When Lu Zhangting left, Gu Shengyin revealed a smile.

Unexpectedly, she met her lover on the first day in this world.

Gu Shengyin discovered that she could already recognize him even without the lotus fragrance on his body.

Perhaps as the two of them met in one world after another, the ties between their souls also became deeper and deeper, until both sides could feel a special connection to each other. 

Gu Shengyin, who was in a fabulous mood, was walking around school, and couldn’t help but say that the environment of First University was truly good.

She looked over her class schedule. There was only one elective in the afternoon, Western classical music? Gu Shengyin raised an eyebrow. It seemed like Sheng Lu made some inquiries. Hearing that Yuan Chen had chosen this course, she deliberately also chose it.

This foolish girl. She inexplicably felt somewhat distressed towards the original Sheng Lu. She was obviously such an outstanding girl, yet was so cautious and solemn when liking a person. With her qualifications, she could directly confess, but she actually did not have confidence when facing love and ultimately let another person get it for cheap. 

Gu Shengyin saw a familiar person as soon as she entered the classroom.

That woman wearing a yellow goose-colored dress chatting with a smile to the classmates surrounding her, wasn’t she Qi Shishi?

Gu Shengyin knew that both Qi Shishi and Sheng Lu came for Yuan Chen.

She withdrew her gaze. In contrast to the cheerful atmosphere at Qi Shishi’s area, her area was extremely quiet. There was no one seated near her.

Gu Shengyin sighed: Her title of Gao ling zhi hua was not for nothing. 

As she pondered about it, Gu Shengyin perceived a slight movement at the seat on her left side. She raised her eyes and saw an unexpected person.

This face with handsome eyebrows and a bright smile, Gu Shengyin was very familiar with. Wasn’t this person the one that the original Sheng Lu liked—Yuan Chen? 

“Hello, is anyone sitting here?” Yuan Chen asked with a smile.

Gu Shengyin shook her head: “No, do as you wish.”

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Seeing that Gu Shengyin had turned her head again and did not have any intention of  continuing the conversation, Yuan Chen inwardly thought: Sure enough, proud just like the rumors.

If the mountain doesn’t come to me, I will go to the mountain. 

Therefore, Yuan Chen’s initiative to become close and Gu Shengyin’s occasional replies seemingly became two people speaking intimately in the eyes of outsiders.

No need to mention Sheng Lu, the new school beauty whom everybody recognized, Yuan Chen was also well-known for his popularity. Naturally, the two of them together attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Some people were even gossiping about whether these two people were dating, otherwise; how could Sheng Lu, who was known for being cold and arrogant, put down her barriers? 

Qi Shishi listened to these remarks and her expression fluctuated multiple times. 

What happened? Didn’t I let Yuan Chen see Sheng Lu being domineering towards that beggar today? Why does it seem like nothing happened? 

“Shishi, are you not feeling well?” Her deskmate saw Qi Shishi’s ugly complexion and couldn’t help but worry and asked.

Qi Shishi gave a smile: “It’s nothing. I didn’t sleep well last night and felt somewhat tired.”

At this moment, the bell rang and everyone straightened out their mood, no longer talking about this gossip. 

After class, Yuan Chen smiled and said good bye to Gu Shengyin, watching the beautiful woman leave.

When he packed up his things to leave, he happened to collide with a girl holding a stack of books.

“Are you okay?” He asked promptly.

Qi Shishi raised her head and looked at him very quickly. Her face immediately turned red as she leaned down to pick up her books scattered on the floor and prepared to leave.

Yuan Chen amusingly looked at the girl, who was fleeing like a frightened rabbit, and stopped her: “Wait a minute!”

He handed a book and laughed softly: “You forgot something.”

JMin’s Corner:

Can I say that this guy is a natural playboy? ;o

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