HAWRR Chapter 291

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (4)

The beggar hadn’t expected that the other person would say such a thing, and was stunned.

However, he immediately remembered how that person had promised him an award, and spat on the ground: “If you are selfish and unsympathetic, then just directly admit it. Trying to argue with me, I see it now, you may look beautiful, but you’re just……”

His words were interrupted by a cold voice: “Just what? In my opinion, this xue mei‘s1 temperament is really good. If I met someone like you, who had such intentions, I would have already called the police.” 

Lu Zhangting walked up from behind.

Gu Shengyin looked at him surprisingly, xue mei? Is this person also in First university? 

Seeing the obvious doubt in Gu Shengyin’s eyes, Lu Zhangting felt helpless in his heart. It seemed that this xue mei was really as rumored, indifferent to all. It was not narcissism, and Lu Zhangting couldn’t say that everyone in the first university knew him, but he was still considered to be somewhat famous, and yet she actually didn’t recognize him. 

Although the young man looked at him with a smile, the beggar felt that his gaze was somewhat terrifying. 

He stubbornly defended: “What breaking the law? Don’t make irresponsible remarks!” 

Lu Zhangting ignored him, took out his cell phone, and dialed a number: “Hello, is this the police? I met a healthy, robust man. He had the intention of pulling my xue mei‘s dress. Yes, it’s very likely he has psychological issues. Address ah, it’s…” 

When the beggar saw that he actually make a phone call, he was somewhat panicked. On top of that, he originally had a sinister plot in his mind. After thinking about it, he thought it would be better to leave. 

“You guys are powerful indeed. I just won’t deal with you guys anymore!” 

He stood up from the ground at lightning speed and hurried away, leaving dust behind. 

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Gu Shengyin looked at the man curiously: “Did you really call?”

The man showed her his phone. The screen was not even on: “Of course I was deceiving him.”

The two looked at each other and laughed.

Gu Shengyin finally recalled: “Are you also in First University?”

Seeing that she truly had no impression of him, Lu Zhangting had to introduce himself: “Lu Zhangting, from long winds over ten thousand miles, thunder of total annihilation (长风万里,雷霆万钧. cháng fēng wàn lǐ, léi tíng wàn jūn)2。First University’s finance department sophomore.” 

Gu Shengyin nodded: “Hello, Senior Lu, I am…”

“Foreign language department’s freshman, Sheng Lu.” Lu Zhangting smiled as he continued her sentence.

“Does Senior know me?”

Lu Zhangting blinked: “Sheng Lu xue mei, you underestimate your charm too much. Out of the entire First University, there are certainly few male students who would not recognize you.” 

The two laughed together and chatted while walking towards the school.

Shortly after they left, a boy in casual clothes appeared where they had been.

Recalling the serious words that Sheng Lu used to lecture the beggar, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but turn into a smile.

After that, he also walked towards the direction of First University.

Lu Zhangting suddenly realized that he actually had such a congenial chat with a xue mei, who he had only been acquainted with for an hour. 

Both of them conversed like they were old friends who had known each other for years.

Gu Shengyin was also surprised by Lu Zhangting’s extensive knowledge. When they arrived at school and Gu Shengyin said good bye to him, he unexpectedly felt reluctant to part. 

He still thought in his mind whether he should find an excuse to get Sheng Lu’s contact information, but thinking that it was their first time meeting, it would seem too frivolous. He just shook his head and watched her leave. 

JMin’s Corner:

I tried , guys…I tried… ;-;

left some terms in chinese cuz i felt it sounded and flowed better QxQ

Ari’s Corner:

edited 😀

oftentimes, in china, when introducing oneself, you’ll also clarify which characters are used for your name; which is what Lu Zhangting is doing; he’s clarifying that the ‘zhang’ is from 长风万里, ‘ting’ from 雷霆万钧

1. younger female student at same school

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