Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 20

When Zhou Zhi’s eyes met that person’s eyes, her heart trembled. She couldn’t help gasping and covering her mouth with her hands.

It’s Xin Xin! To think that she is here. Moreover, she’d rather be with other people than with our group…

But after thinking about it, although a bit selfish, she thought it was best that Xin Xin, no Gong Xinya, did not go with their group. Otherwise, with her personality, Gong Xinya would have irritated or annoyed Altyria and Lan Lan’s group. Not to mention, she had heard about how Gong Xinya was persistent when chasing Yuan ge before that she was not aware of.

As Zhou Zhi calmed her emotions, she saw that woman called Meng Meng say, “Why do you want to let them go? They left you behind and did not take you along, leaving you all alone in that house defenseless!”

Ye Feng and Yang Tian raised an eyebrow when they heard her words.

Li Guanting couldn’t help but defend his group and said, “Lady, I don’t know what she said to you, but we tried to convince her to come with us. At that time, we needed to go get supplies, but she didn’t want to leave the house. We had already told her that we would likely not come back after getting our supplies, but she was adamant on staying behind. Of course, we left her a portion of supplies for her since we were separating.”

Zhou Zhi frowned seeing the situation and sent a message in the group chat.

[Zhi Zhi]: @WhiteKitty @MedicineMaster My friend came with someone to start a conflict with us. It’s been a couple minutes and they don’t seem to be stopping. I don’t know what to do.

[WhiteKitty]: Don’t worry. I’ve been watching the situation from the RV. The two men who came to to help you guys are decent people. You don’t have to worry about them. It’s just those two women. I sense malice from one of the women, the one who came later.

[Zhi Zhi]: …She’s my friend, Gong Xinya. She’s the one who stayed behind in the house from us when we went out to get supplies….I guess she has blamed us for not going along with her intentions.

[WhiteKitty]: *pat pat* She’s not worthy of being your friend. In any case, my sixth sense is very accurate. She is not a good person, so it’s best that you guys went your own separate ways.

Zhou Zhi read the message and felt sad. The person who she thought of as a friend no longer thought of her as a friend. She had tried to keep their friendship together, but she couldn’t stop it from crumbling away.

After Altyria sent that message, she stood up and stretched a bit.  

Well, since they don’t seem to be leaving any time soon, I guess I should make my appearance and get them going~

Before leaving the RV, she whispered to Chrome that she was going out for a bit, whether he heard or not.

At this time, Li Guanting and the two other men were getting tired and annoyed by the two unreasonable women.

“I don’t believe you. Xin Xin was alone without any item to use for protection or food when we found her in the house.” The woman was completely on Gong Xinya’s side.

Ye Feng, who was silent this entire time, finally opened his mouth. “Lady, I’m not related to them in any way, but I can tell that this gentleman is telling the truth. As for the lady next to you…” He paused for a bit before continuing, “I suggest you to be careful not to become someone else’s knife.”

“You…!” The woman named Jiang Mengxi was angered by his words. “Don’t try to sow discord between me and Xin Xin just to help this bastard!” She said while pointing to Li Guanting. “Since you want to be selfish and ungrateful to all the things that Xin Xin had done for your group, then so be it. Xin Xin, let’s go. They’re not worthy of your feelings.”

Li Guanting, who was pointed out for no reason, was dumbstruck. His first thought was: All the things that Gong Xinya had done for their group??? It should be the other way around!

Zhou Zhi, who was still in the car, was also dumbstruck. She could not recall a single incident where Gong Xinya had aided them in any way. More like, it was them who always had to help her. She shook her head in disappointment. Did she change or did I? Either way, she can no longer considered as my friend…

Yang Tian couldn’t help but shoo them away, as if he was afraid that they would change their mind and continue making trouble, “All right, since you think they’re unworthy of your friend, hurry and take her away, lest this turns into a fight.”

Although Jiang Mengxi felt anger simmering in her heart from his words, she resolutely turned to pull Gong Xinya’s arm.

Ye Feng and Yang Tian thought this matter was finally over since they were leaving. At the same time, they made a mental note to themselves that they should stay away from these type of women. Who knew what trouble they would bring to them.

Jiang Mengxi dragged Gong Xinya away, but Gong Xinya appeared reluctant to leave. Her head was lowered to hide her eyes filled with hate. Taking a deep breath, she made a decision. Gong Xinya used her free hand that was not being held by Jiang Mengxi to reach into her pocket.

After taking 20 steps away where she was standing earlier, Gong Xinya pulled herself free from Jiang Mengxi’s hand, took out a small bottle from her pocket, and threw it towards where the three men were standing at. She stared at them with a malicious smile, but her smile froze when she saw the unexpected outcome.

A young woman with long silver hair stood there in front of the men, who were in shock, with the bottle in her hand. That woman scrutinized the bottle for a moment before she turned her blue eyes on Gong Xinya with a careless smile, yet that smile never reached her eyes.

Gong Xinya only felt a chill run down her spine.

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