HAWRR Chapter 289

Cold and Elite #1 School Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 School Beauty (2)

The system replied: “That’s about right.”

Gu Shengyin relaxed. There was nothing too difficult with this task.

She recalled something and suddenly asked: “There won’t be any sudden mission changes in this world, right?”

System: “Host, please be at ease. There will be no similar incidents to the previous world’s unexpected situation in the future.”

Gu Shengyin, after receiving reassurance, got up and began looking at the situation around her.

At this time, Sheng Lu was in the apartment that she bought near the number one university.

As a gao ling zhi hua, Sheng Lu naturally did not live in the school dormitory with several people. After learning that her daughter chose the number one university, Mother Sheng bought a high class apartment next to the school for her daughter without the slightest hesitation.

Gu Shengyin looked over Sheng Lu’s memories. She still had to go to class in the afternoon, which was soon. Feeling her empty stomach, Gu Shengyin decided to go out for a meal, and then head back to school to take a look, which should be just in time for class.

As for cooking for herself? Sheng Lu was the standard ‘never suffered cold spring water’2 type of young lady. The apartment’s kitchen had never been graced with her presence ever since she moved in.

Now that Gu Shengyin was here, she was very happy to continue this habit —Although she had mastered the skills of cooking, Gu Shengyin did not intend to put it into practice.

She grabbed her bag and went out.

As she recalled Sheng Lu’s preferences, it was not healthy congee, but rather Western food. Gu Shengyin’s resolve collapsed without hesitation — she wanted to eat hotpot!

She had previously stayed in the apocalyptic world for quite a while. In those days, supplies were scarce. Eating a common dish from the normal era was considered a luxury, let alone a fancy banquet. Gu Shengyin expressed that she had really been deprived.

It hadn’t been easy for her to arrive at such a stable world. To not reward herself for her hard work, how was it possible?

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System also did not restrain her: this slight OOC1 did not have a big impact.

Gu Shengyin’s self-indulgence combined with the system’s indulgence resulted in Gu Shengyin sitting in front of a table with tears.

Gu Shengyin’s eyes was brimming with tears because of the spiciness: I didn’t expect that this body could not eat spicy food. Her mouth was practically burning.

When the waiter came by, she also specially inquired and chose the special spicy one!

Lu Zhangting looked at the girl across from him with amusement.

When Sheng Lu entered the door, he noticed that she was a student in the same university. How could he not know this famous 1st year school beauty?

However, he did not think that this rumored noble, elegant school beauty would unexpectedly choose to come eat at such a down-to-earth hotpot restaurant.

Shouldn’t the standard for someone like her be red wine and Western food?

Then, when he heard her giving the waiter her order, she chose the most spiciest without blinking an eye.

Lu Zhangting was amazed. He knew that this hotpot restaurant was well-known for its sauces, and their spicy oil was also famous for its authenticity.

He thought Gu Shengyin was an experienced eater, but did not expect that the person actually ate less than two mouthfuls and ended up crying from the spiciness.

That’s right, spiced to tears.

Lu Zhangting looked at Gu Shengyin’s reddened eyes, her delicate nose that had scrunched up, and her usually petal-like, delicate lips seemed to be coated with a layer of strong rouge.

It made people feel that it was inexplicably……delicious.

JMin’s Corner:

Our MC has shown herself as a foodie~

On another note, I can’t eat spicy…

Ari’s Corner:

I actually edited two-thirds of this chapter sometime back before it was posted (but not the ones before wtf is wrong with me)

十指不沾阳春水 – it’s an ancient Chinese saying; back during ancient china, you’d do your laundry outside with well water or river water. during the colder months, your fingers would freeze in the water under the cold sun; so the saying means ‘ten fingers do not touch the cold spring water’; it’s for people with good family backgrounds who do not have to wash their own clothes, worry about household chores, or anything we mundane ppl have to do

1. out of character

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  1. Hm? Is that the ML i see stalking our MC? If not.. shoo shoo we need no flies around her😤

    Btw, what does gao ling zhi hua mean? I feel like i know the gist of the meaning.. but just curious on what it means literally hehe

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It was a footnote last chapter, I copied and pasted it for you: a metaphor for something that can only be seen from the distance, that cannot be touched; literal translation: flower upon a high mountain ridge.

      Ah hello ML, nice to see you again!

      Thanks for the chapter! 💕

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    2. Gao ling zhi hua was mentioned in the previous chapter so I didn’t add footnotes, sorry ’bout that. Ari’s explanation: “metaphor for something that can only be seen from the distance, that cannot be touched; literal translation: flower upon a high mountain ridge; (not actually a Chinese idiom or anything because the majority of its usage is by Japanese ppl)”


  2. I love spicy food, whenever I go to an Asian restaurant I ask for super spicy. Most places ask if I’m sure because they consider American spicy as a medium heat to them. I always say make it authentic and they do . . . mmmm so delicious. Thanks for the update.

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  3. Add oil! I wouldn’t have even reached the second spoonful 😂 milk is the best to neutralize spicy..

    Thanks for the chapter! Looks like ML made its 1st appearance? I wish them lots of 😏 time in this world since they couldnt in last one… (see that? Is my kokoro broken in pieces 😢)

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  4. I can handle spicy food depending on the severity of it… but I raise my flag at extra spicy hotpot XD

    PS: This is interesting… if this Lu Zhangting is our ML… then it’s likely that the “rival character” might be a second Eve, ending up with the actual story’s ML, Yuan Chen. Especially since in the original story, the “rival girl” doesn’t seem to be a bad person and the original owner of the body didn’t actually have any significant harm other than a lost love.

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  5. I can eat normal level of spiciness but not the throat burning level one. That level will kill me. I’d rather eat porridge than those very spicy food.



  6. I’m with our MC on this one… I quite like spicy food but I unfortunately don’t have the best tolerance for it. I literally drink 2 liters of water every time I eat noodles that are only mildly spicy


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