HAWRR Chapter 288

Cold and Elite #1 University Beauty VS Warm and Gentle #2 University Beauty (1)

When Gu Shengyin returned to the white space, she felt rather downcast in her heart.

“He must be very heartbroken.” Gu Shengyin recalled the moment as her consciousness dissipated, when Lei Ting’s eyes had been filled with desperation.

The system was a little overwhelmed. The host that it had always seen was calm and self-assured, and had never seen her like this.

Fortunately, Gu Shengyin quickly adjusted her mood. After all, they would be able to meet soon, right?

The system let out a sigh of relief, and quickly transferred the mission world data.

This time as she opened her eyes, the normal scenery filled Gu Shengyin with relief.

The data transferred promptly by the system had already been analyzed by Gu Shengyin.

The body that she had transmigrated into was an elite young miss, called Sheng Lu, currently 19 years old, and studying at the Capital’s number one university.

Sheng Lu was, without a doubt, born to be a winner in life.

She was well-born; her Grandfather was one of the original members of the cadre who fought by the side of Taizu1, the bright golden stars on his epaulets blinded anyone who looked.

She was well-raised; Sheng Lu was studying at the number one university which admitted the top talents of the country. There were countless men and women with beautiful appearances and outstanding temperaments, but her beauty that could stand firm within the entertainment industry forced everyone to recognize her as the university’s number one beauty.

The main point was that, she could clearly rely on her face and family background to live, but this woman supported herself with her talent instead.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

Every year, the top universities would pin their top ten transcripts on the official school forum. Sheng Lu was always top of the list.

If one had to talk about how she was imperfect, then it was that this university’s top beauty — was too proud.

Gao ling zhi hua2,’ unattainable, was undoubtedly the best description of her.

Of course, in the eyes of most people, a girl who was always a head above others had the right to be proud. Instead, it made her even more famous.

However, the original Sheng Lu, actually suffered a great loss in romance because of her character, and eventually missed out on the person she liked.

On the other hand, the target female antagonist for this world, Qi Shishi, successfully stole away Sheng Lu’s love interest in the end.

In terms of appearances, Qi Shishi was undoubtedly inferior, but her character was gentle and pleasant. Oftentimes, men prefer this type of girl, because they make men want to protect them, which gives men a sense of pride in their hearts.

The man who both Sheng Lu and Qi Shishi both liked, was called Yuan Chen, and was a new student to the top university.

Originally, it wasn’t as if he didn’t have positive feelings for Sheng Lu. After all, with Sheng Lu’s appearance, there was no way men would not be attracted. However, after ‘coincidentally’ seeing Sheng Lu’s arrogant and dismissive appearance several times, his feelings slowly faded. At this time, the gentle and approachable Qi Shishi appeared before him, gradually attracted his attention, and eventually occupied his whole heart.

It took great effort for Sheng Lu to draw up the courage to confess, only to be directly rejected. The man in question also became another woman’s boyfriend within a week.

In the end, Qi Shishi and Yuan Chen married after graduation and happily lived together.

On the other hand, Sheng Lu decided to go abroad in her sophomore year of university as an exchange student because of this heartbreak, and ended up not marrying for the rest of her life.

Gu Shengyin furrowed her brows: “So basically, the original female lead lost her love interest because of the involvement of the female antagonist. I just need to ruin her machinations and rewrite the ending of a lonely life?”

JMin’s Corner:

school arc means that i got new terms i need to deal with, bah! QAQ

Ari’s Corner:

i’m not too sure about the discrepancies in this arc introduction; it says the FL is already studying at the uni and that every year she’s top of the grade, but when the plot ends, it says she goes abroad in year 2, which means that the love conflict happens in year 1?? o well i guess we’ll see as this arc continues

also i already kind of hate this arc; i get annoyed when it’s stuff like “she’s so pretty, how can guys not like her” as if being pretty ornament is all guys need girls for;; or like first love stories….’love at first sight’ is probs just ‘lust at first sight’

ugh this is why i prefer campus arcs when they’re combined w gaming arcs or smth

for this arc, i’d like to explain the arc title
校花 – university’s number 1 beauty through the whole school
系花 – can either be university’s number 2 beauty or a specific department’s number 1 beauty; in this arc, it seems to be the first option
if any of you have read A Slight Smile is Very Alluring or watched its TV adaptation Love O2O, that has this stuff too

This world-building is a bit confusing, because Taizu is an Emperor of the Song Dynasty from 927-976AD, while the term for ‘old cadre member’ is a reference to the original members who fought during the Communist Party Revolution in the late 1940s. These two things are a millenia apart, so I’m not sure if the ‘Taizu’ refers to Mao Zedong, or if the author mixed up her history, or if it’s simply taking stuff from real history and putting it together to make the current arc world history.

高岭之花 – gāo lǐng zhī huā – metaphor for something that can only be seen from the distance, that cannot be touched; literal translation: flower upon a high mountain ridge; (not actually a Chinese idiom or anything because the majority of its usage is by Japanese ppl)

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17 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 288”

  1. @Ari, vanity all the way xD feels like the author’s got inferiority complex since she’s extremely obsessed with perfect looks and as well as equipping her child with the most blessed skills. She’s totally Mary Sue-ing this MC.


  2. honestly, i don’t feel it’s wrong for him to reject sheng lu, i mean if he don’t like her personality why would he date her? relationship isn’t just about being pretty


  3. I have to say, just from this introduction the antagonists actually didn’t do anything wrong. There was no prior relationship, so 2FL didn’t break them up; 2ML never got into a relationship with the original host, so he can’t be said to abandon her; original FL just gave a horrible impression and missed the boat.

    If anything, it sounds like she was in the wrong for trying to break up their relationship.

    Also, if she’s so weak-willed that she never dares to get into a relationship after this, that can’t be blamed on anyone but herself (and possibly some side-blame for the ones who raised her this way).

    Honestly, the original FL of this arc sounds like she became a whiney, selfish, stuckup rich girl who couldn’t accept that someone didn’t want her (i.e., a villainess, but with even less justification than they have).

    At this point, there is no justification for breaking up the antagonists. If MC does so, then she has become no different than the antagonists from the other world arcs (unless something changes, such as there being more to the back story, or a different back story than what was presented here).

    Now if the female antagonist did something to her (outside of fairly competing for affections), then it’s a different story, and game on! But so far, I don’t see the evidence for that.


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