Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 19

The window that was knocked on happened to be Zhou Zhi’s side.

Although Zhou Zhi saw that woman coming, she still flinched slightly when the window was knocked.

“What should we do, Ting ge?” Zhou Zhi nervously stared at the woman outside the car. “Should I send a text to Altyria and ask if she can get Boss to help us?”

Li Guanting frowned as the woman continued knocking their car window. He was debating whether he should ignore the woman or drive the car away.

Looking around their car, more and more people had gotten out of the car just to watch what the woman was doing. Nobody showed any intention to help.

Ye Feng noticed the commotion just as their car pulled up at the side. Seeing how the woman was kicking the car and how nobody took a step forward to stop her, he frowned.

“Hey, brother. Do you think she has gone nuts? Or perhaps short-term memory? To think she has the guts to be kicking the SUV of that group.” Ye Song grinned at his older brother.

“I think she was not there when that guy revealed his strength back at the gas station. Some of these people only came afterwards.” Yang Tian muttered, and then said towards Ye Feng, “Should we give a hand? Maybe they will have a good impression on us.”

Ye Feng rubbed his temples as his head throbbed. He patted Ye Song’s shoulder, “Notify Wu Kang to stay in their car and keep an eye on others. There are way too many people gathered together. Park the car away from the crowd in case we need to escape.” He looked towards Yang Tian and said, “Come with me to talk with that woman.”

“All right!” Yang Tian rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “I wonder if a fight will break out. Maybe we’ll get to see another of their member’s prowess. Hahaha…”

Ye Feng shook his head as he slowly got out of the car. He surveyed their surroundings and saw two people in the distance fighting a zombie that threw fireballs all over the place. A little distance away from them was littered with bodies of zombies on the ground. He didn’t see any signs of the other members of the RV group. He assumed that they stayed inside the RV.

Yang Tian put on a serious face as soon as he got out of the car. He stuck close to Ye Feng, ready to take action against unexpected attacks as they walked towards the SUV.

Li Guanting held his girlfriend’s hand to give her comfort as his mind thought about what he should do. He didn’t think that Chrome’s group was supposed to help them with this sort of situation since the deal was only to send them to D City. Yuan Jin was in a coma, unknown to when he would wake up. He knew he needed to stay calm otherwise Zhou Zhi would panic.

He patted her hand and said softly to his girlfriend, “Stay in the car. I’ll go talk with this woman.”

Just as he unlocked his door and stepped out of the car, he noticed two men coming towards their direction.

“Hey! You finally quit being a turtle hiding in your car and came out, huh!” The woman gave a kick to the car with her feet as she spotted Li Guanting.

“Tsk tsk, you there, feisty woman. What are you kicking and yelling their car for?” Yang Tian said in a loud sarcastic voice.

When he said that, almost everyone in the area turned their heads towards him with curiosity in their eyes as they watched how this scene would unfold.

That woman didn’t care about the eyes of others. “So, what? It has nothing to do with you. You can roll back to your car.” She then turned to look at Li Guanting and said, “Hey, your SUV has a lot of space. Let my friend and I sit in your car.”

Her words made Li Guanting and Zhou Zhi feel speechless.

Even Ye Feng and Yang Tian couldn’t help feeling speechless too. Kicking and screaming, all of this was just to get a ride in someone else’s car? How on earth did she believe that Li Guanting would agree to such a request with her violent behavior.

“You think they would agree with your demands especially after you kicked their car and screamed at them? Woman, I think you need to check yourself in the mirror.” Yang Tian said in a nasty tone. Turning his head to Li Guanting, who had walked around the car to Zhou Zhi’s side where they were standing, and said, “Brother, for people like this woman, you should just directly ignore them. Especially selfish, stuck-up people like her.”

Li Guanting nodded to Ye Feng and Yang Tian, giving his thanks for their kind intentions.

“Hey! What’s wrong with giving my friend and I a ride? You want money? I can give it to you.” The woman once against started yelling at the top of her lungs, as if she was scared other people in the surrounding couldn’t hear her.

“Shut your mouth! Do you want to attract zombies over here? See those zombies lying on the ground over there? What if they happened to still be alive?” Yang Tian said harshly.

Only a few minutes had passed, yet he was already tired of this woman.

Li Guanting also didn’t plan on letting the woman continue making a scene. “Lady, we have no intention of letting you sit in our car. My friend is feeling unwell right now, so he has occupied the entire back seat. You’ll have to look elsewhere.”

Zhou Zhi felt slightly proud of her boyfriend. Even though he was annoyed with that woman, he was still very polite when talking to her.

That woman opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by another woman’s voice. “Meng Meng, don’t argue with them anymore. They won’t change their mind. They’re just like that.”

Zhou Zhi froze in the car when she heard the familiar voice. She slowly turned her head towards the owner of the voice. Don’t tell me it’s…


I managed to write a chapter~ For the majority of today, I didn’t have any internet so instead of translating, I wrote TTTW

I didn’t think people would want to continue reading my story since I stopped it for so long. Well, as long as someone wants to read this, I’ll continue writing 😉

P.S. If you see any grammar mistakes, please let me know. My brain usually fixes the mistakes automatically so I don’t notice…

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