HAWRR Chapter 283

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (27)

Gu Shengyin fell silent.

Suddenly, she asked: “If you were given the chance to change the world back to how it was before but the price is your life, how would you choose?”

Lei Ting laughed: “How come you’re asking this kind of naive question all of a sudden?”

Gu Shengyin blinked: “Then say it. You must answer it seriously.”

Lei Ting thought for a moment and said: “I would be willing.”

Gu Shengyin looked at this man seriously: “Why? How are other people’s lives related to you?”

Lei Ting reached out and caressed her hair: “Baobao, there’s no need for me to say who is important and who is not important. But one day, I hope—”

His eyes swept over those numb people and enunciated: “I hope, my future descendants will not experience this kind of life, unable to see the future, unable to feel hope. I wish for children to be worried about what to do after breaking their father’s precious ornament, not whether their mother would be able to snatch their next meal. If I have children, I don’t want to hear them asking me one day, ‘What are sunshine and fresh flowers like?’ If I could change the world back to the days before the apocalypse with only the cost of my life, I would not hesitate at all.”

Gu Shengyin’s eyes suddenly reddened.

She nearly cried and said: “If you did this, have you ever thought about me? If you are dead, what would I do?” Her large tears dropped and fell on the back of Lei Ting’s hands; the burning temperature almost scalded his heart.

Lei Ting was practically flustered as he helped wipe her tears. He smiled and laughed at her: “What happened, why are you crying after talking? It’s just a thought…”

Gu Shengyin interrupted him: “If that was true?”

Lei Ting went along with her with a good temper: “Well, if it was true, I must definitely tell my Baobao. My Baobao is very understanding, so she will definitely understand me…”

Gu Shengyin did not speak again. After a while, she wiped her tears and smiled in embarrassment at Lei Ting.

“There’s too much pressure right now. You can’t laugh at me!” She said fiercely.

Lei Ting’s face was full of indulgence and affection: “Whatever you say counts.”

He actually did not have any suspicions. On one hand, Gu Shengyin’s words were too far-fetched. On the other hand, it was true that pressure from all sides was too much during this period. It was not difficult to lose control of one’s emotions.

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He was unaware that, one day in the future, his heart would ache so much that he would wish to die when he recalled this conversation.

The two stayed together for the entire day. Finally, Lei Ting sent her back home and went out to take care of a small matter.

However, when Lei Ting returned home in the evening, he immediately felt something amiss—there was someone in his room.

He was silent for a moment before slowly saying: “What have you come here unannounced for so late at night?”

The light in the room went “pa” when it was turned on, and the scene in front of Lei Ting caused his blood to surge.

It was not some random person appearing in his room. It was actually Gu Shengyin.

She was currently wearing a fitted, dark purple pajama; the style was not revealing, but still outlined her perfect, delicate body.

She was laying on the bed on her side with her hair a bit messy, looking at him affectionately.

“I came to recommend myself as a pillow. I don’t know if Boss Lei Ting is willing to accept this offer?” 

Lei Ting’s throat moved and said with a deep, hoarse voice: “Extremely satisfied.”

At this moment, if he could still endure, then he would not be a man.

JMin’s Corner:

As mentioned in the previous chapter, ML is overwhelmed by this sudden happiness.

Edit: I just realized I forgot to put ‘unedited’ on the title. D;

Ari’s Corner:

finally edited 😀 

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          1. Re: Cloverlin,

            Are there any themes that have not become cliche in this day and age?

            About the only thing I can confidently say I haven’t read is maybe janitor×lunch lady…maybe(?!?)


            1. I think its impossible since the author of this novel is a mother type in which , those ones who loves their Main characters and make them almost OP 😂
              That janitor x lunch lady will surely have a second identity ..like the janitor is a CEO and lunch lady is a rich gen young lady who is doted or what 😂


  1. She’s trying to be sweet and affectionate in what little time they have left together, but it’s only going to serve to haunt him when she’s gone. 😭😭😭

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. I’m also extremely satisfied, Lei Ting!
    Ohh wait, no, that should be ‘extremely horrified’. So she’s not telling him QQQQ this hurts already, I want to rip the bandaid off quickly. Can’t believe the ML isn’t seeing the warning signs, especially when she told him to answer seriously and started crying.

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  3. Haihh poor ML in this life.. welp he’s had multiple extreme happiness with his wife already, let him experience some tragedy a bit to add some bitterness to the sweet😌

    Lol i only can say this because i know there are more lifetimes they would get together and be happy -,- .. if this was a novel in itself, my eyes would puffed up from crying for 7 days and 7 nights😅

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    1. You really only know joy when you’ve experienced sorrow. Not that he hasn’t cherished her in the previous lives, but sometimes you have to have a sacrifice.


  4. Lei Ting had a pampering expression: “Whatever you say is good.” (雷霆一脸.宠.溺:“你说什么都好)


    Whatever you say is right.

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