HAWRR Chapter 282

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (6)

As soon as she left her room, Gu Shengyin heard faint voices coming from the living room.

There seemed to be people arguing. Gu Shengyin recognized one as her third brother, Li Minglang, and the other with a deep voice was Lei Ting.

She looked over and found that her parents were also there. Lei Ting sat across from them saying something.

Gu Shengyin sharpened her ears to eavesdrop and discovered that he was actually talking about her.

Lei Ting and the Li parents laid down their cards1.

“Uncle, Aunt, I know my previous reputation is not good. I will not brush it off, but I had my own reasons for doing so. I am also not afraid of losing face today. I, Lei Ting, have lived for nearly 30 years and have never touched any women before. Those women had never even been allowed to approach me. I also vow that in the future I will love Shengxi like a treasure…”

As a result, Li Minglang, who was stupefied, blurted out one sentence: “You brat…you have a problem2, right?”

“Pff!” Gu Shengyin couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

This time, the eyes of everyone in the living room looked towards her.

Gu Shengyin did not hide and calmly walked over. She sat down next to Lei Ting without the slightest embarrassment and held his hand.

“Dad, Mom. I like him and am willing to follow him for a lifetime.” She did not say any superfluous words. She merely showed her position with the most straightforward statement.

Lei Ting was somewhat dizzy as he was stunned by this sudden happiness. Although he saw that Gu Shengyin had some emotions towards him when they went to Antarctica, he never thought that he would hear her confess to him in this situation.

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“Baobao~” He even blurted the nickname that he had always wanted to call her.

Gu Shengyin looked at him with a smile. If there wasn’t a task to save the world, she had prepared to properly discipline him. But now, she didn’t know how much longer she would be in this world, so there was no need to be at odds with each other.

In the end, Li Father and Mother did not speak again. After all, they still cared about their daughter’s feelings the most. As long as their daughter liked him, they would not interfere too much.

Only Li Minglang, when he saw Lei Ting, his nose wasn’t a nose, his mouth wasn’t a mouth, always picking out faults3. Lei Ting also did not argue with this older brother-in-law. After all, he did snatch this guy’s precious baby sister.

The crew that went to Antarctica informed the base of their harvests and findings. Zhong Lingyu already became the base’s frequent visitor. She was responsible for taking out the coffin from her space for the base’s researchers to study. It was also to guarantee that the time period of the coffin appearing in the base was not too long and must be stored again before the zombies sense it.

Gu Shengyin still held a glimmer of hope. If these several rounds of studies could produce results, perhaps she wouldn’t have to be this Savior?

However, the news brought back by her father allowed her to understand that, with the Earth’s current scientific and technological strength, wanting to analyze and solve the problem was nothing more than a dream.

Today was a rare day where she and Lei Ting did not have missions.

Lei Ting held her hand, and the two of them wandered around the gathering area of the ordinary people in the base.

Gu Shengyin looked at these people. Most of them were wearing shabby clothes, and each and every one of them were sallow-faced. Even those little children sat next to their parents quietly without one bit of the vitality they had before the apocalypse.

Perhaps it was because Gu Shengyin’s pity was too obvious that Lei Ting comforted her: “In fact, it can be considered that they are already well off. No matter what, their lives and basic livelihood can be guaranteed while living in the base. Those who are persistently struggling outside are the most pitiful ones.”

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