HAWRR Chapter 280

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (24)

Zhong Lingyu did not understand.

Gu Shengyin said: “I can seal this thing, but I can’t bring it with us. You have the space ability. If you put this coffin into your space, the zombies should not be able to sense it.”

Zhong Lingyu’s eyes widened. So we could do it this way? 

Gu Shengyin saw her like this and thought she felt uneasy. She said: “You can feel reassured. I can guarantee that I can seal this small crack. You don’t have to worry about the source of infection leaking out and affecting you.”

A smile spread on Zhong Lingyu’s face: “Li Shengxi, you look down on me too much. You can dauntlessly use yourself as a guinea pig and not fear death. How could I, Zhong Lingyu, be terrified? Try me!”

Seeing that she agreed, Gu Shengyin also did not continue speaking. She used her magic to seal it, adding on a thick seal over the entire coffin, and then looked at Zhong Lingyu.

Zhong Lingyu nodded and with a thought, the entire coffin disappeared instantly.

Although the objective of this trip to Antarctica had been reached, no one had a relaxed expression.

As long as this coffin existed, it would always be a time bomb.

During their journey home, Gu Shengyin lay in Lei Ting’s arms and slept like before.

This time differed from their first trip. This time, their relationship was already fixed. Lei Ting straightforwardly took Gu Shengyin into his arms.

When Gu Shengyin woke up, she found herself lying in bed. The familiar environment told her that this was her own room in the Imperial Capital base.

The surroundings were very quiet, indicating that she was alone.

She did not get up immediately, but called the system instead.

“System, you gave me the task of saving the world, then is it necessary to solve the problem of the sunlight?” Gu Shengyin asked.

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In this world, ever since the apocalypse, the sky had been enshrouded by a thick haze, and no trace of sunlight could penetrate through.

Without sunlight, that meant plants could not grow normally. Currently, all large bases were relying on extremely advanced technology to imitate sunlight to grow plants, but in the end, this was not a long-term solution.

Without the sun shining onto Earth, even if there was no threat from zombies, there was also no way to continue surviving.

The system was silent for a long time before answering: “Host answered correctly.”

Gu Shengyin asked, baffled: “Since you were aware of this, why didn’t you tell me?”

The white light of the system flickered for a long while before finally replying reluctantly: “This matter was not very urgent at the time, so the system did not inform you earlier.”

Gu Shengyin felt that this explanation was rather suspicious and fishy. This answer was obviously not in line with the system’s normal attitude.

She felt that the system was concealing something from her.

However, the system did not tell her. Gu Shengyin also did not know. She might as well just set it aside and continued to discuss the gray haze in the sky.

“Exactly what substance is that? We can find a solution to it only by knowing what it is, rightt?”

The system was abnormally listless.

Gu Shengyin felt puzzled. Previously, as long as it was related to the completion of the task, the system would actively respond, so it was rare to see the system slacking this much.

Could it be possible that System, this intelligent organism, also has a time when it doesn’t want to work?

Then she would have to solve it herself.

Gu Shengyin slowly pondered about it. She raised her eyes and looked outside the window. The heavily gray sky was infinitely stifling. It rather resembled the previous world’s ravaged lands.

Wait. Ravaged lands!

Gu Shengyin’s eyes suddenly shined brightly.

JMin’s Corner:

System would have a time when it would be lazy?! *Gasp*

Ari’s Corner:

been too lazy to translate this week so the sponsored chapters weren’t finished hahha ((but hey y’all have waited like half a year another week or two won’t hurt))

also it’s cuz I’ve been reading ‘CEO’s Villainous Childhood Friend‘ which I highly recommend

((tho not to be rude or anything but if you can read Chinese I’d recommend you read the raws cuz the translations really aren’t that good; there’s a lot of subtext and stuff and whatnot lost in translation))

((((also ngl but if no one was translating that I totally would bc I actually really like the story lololol))))

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  1. So Ari, you also read Film Emperor Ye and the Lucky Koi?
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    Could that coffin be the related to the Gods in the last world, like God of Darkness?

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    1. ya I binged the raws lol

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  2. mmm i have a question, what happens when a space ability user dies? do the things in the space reappear or they disappeaar and keep being lost between dimensions or whatever? cuz if its the first one then things can go shitty, if its the second then perfectly solved ^^ (im not saying we gotta kill anyone or anything eh! )

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      1. it’s okay jiamin, you made me laugh! i actually liek this kind of lame jokes 👉🏻👈🏻 otherwise I wouldn’t be able to stand my bff xD

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  3. I feel like system doesn’t actually want her to complete the mission easily lolol XD
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  4. She has to sacrifice herself I guess ..coz the light good did tat in the last world ..he sacrificed his incarnation in that world ..sooo???


      1. No, he didn’t sacrifice his incarnation; he just stopped using it cause he was jelly of it being around his wifey…😆

        I put some posts back in those chapters that explain why, but basically an incarnation can have some independence from the main being/body, which is why he got all jelly of the time it spent with her.


        1. As for whether she has to sacrifice herself or not, that’s a possibility, since she does not have the power of a god (especially here in this world arc).


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