possible book translation!

Hey, guys! As I’m sure some of you know, I’m currently in china right now. I’ve been browsing through a bookstore for possible books to translate. I have one option here that I’m definitely buying for myself to read, but if you guys are interested in reading a translation, let me know!

(Apologies for any formatting weirdness, I’m typing this up on the mobile app in the bookstore.)

Title: In This World Only I Can Tease You


Look for someone who won’t leave from conflicts, is willing to compromise, can mature alongside you, and can have fun with you to spend a lifetime with.


I’m Meng Qiqi.

I have many idols, but I only have one person I love. He’s called Bo Xiansen.

He clearly could rely on his face, but he decided to use doting love to secure me.

Sina Weibo @mengqiqi77

This book is a series of short snapshots of a couple’s life. I haven’t read much of it but I’d say it’s slice of life, romance, and comedy. Each snapshot is 1-2 pages in the book, with the longest I’ve seen so far still less than 3 full pages.

Here’s one snapshot:


I don’t like to drink coffee, but I like the smell of coffee. Bo Xiansen bought a set of a coffee machine and a milk foam machine, for making cappuccinos. I drink the sweet milk foam from the top, he drinks the bitter coffee from the bottom.

Every time, he drains the cup dry, and I ask him: “Don’t you not like coffee?”

“Didn’t you say, waking up every day surrounded by the aroma of coffee, is a very blissful thing?”

“You can make a cup of coffee, and let the fragrance fill the room, but you don’t have to force yourself to drink though.”

“I feel like you’d like it.”

“Like what?”

“Every morning when I leave for work, you always come to give me a goodbye kiss. I feel like you’d like it, my coffee flavor.”

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