HAWRR Chapter 278

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (22)

Lei Ting wrinkled his brows and said: “Nobody has ever been to this place, so what caused the zombie infection to break out in humans?”

What he said was also what other people wanted to ask.

Gu Shengyin pointed to the bottom of the coffin: “There is a small crack at the bottom of this coffin. In other words, that black gas that slowly permeated out has basically integrated into the ice. In the past few years, the devastating damage to the environment of the Earth and the continuous increase of carbon dioxide has caused many glaciers to melt.”

Her expression was solemn: “Have you guys ever thought what would happen if the melted part of the glacier happened to carry the source of infection? Does everyone still remember that worldwide rain that lasted for half a month before the apocalypse?”

When she said this, everyone started thinking about it. Indeed, the zombies began to appear during the global climate change, which was known to be very rare.

“Even though this can be explained, why is it that Earth has no sunshine?” A scientist suddenly asked.

Gu Shengyin shook her head and bitterly laughed: “I am just an ordinary ability user. How could I possible understand everything? Shouldn’t this be your expertise?”

That scientist was embarrassed. He had just heard Gu Shengyin speaking so frankly with assurance. He had subconsciously accepted it from the bottom of his heart and so had asked the question.

The majority of the people present felt that Gu Shengyin’s analysis was very reasonable. After all, they personally saw that one ability user touch the black gas and instantly mutate into a zombie. This coffin was very likely to be the root cause of the emergence of the zombies.

“What do we do now? Should this thing be destroyed?” A researcher hesitated.

Lei Ting said in a deep voice: “That’s out of the question.  Let’s not say whether we have the ability to completely destroy it. Who knows what would happen to the corpse inside after the coffin is broken. If the source of the infection is released, that would truly be the end.”

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“It can’t be left here either. The goal of those zombies is obviously this coffin. We can theorize that this black gas is likely to promote the evolution of these zombies. We absolutely cannot let it fall into those zombie’s hands.”

“What if we bring it back?” An ability user said.

Another person retorted: “This thing can’t be touched at all. Who is responsible for bringing it back? Moreover, its location at the South Pole may be known to the zombies. If it is brought back to the base, it is estimated that the goal of the zombie tide will become our base. When there are thousands of zombies attacking the base, who can resist?

The speaker is thoughtless, the listener is thoughtful.

(Ari: 说者无心,听者有意. Chinese idioms can be so hard to translate.)

Gu Shengyin’s heart moved when she heard this. She opened her mouth: “This could also be a solution. I can try to move it.”

Others haven’t had the time to speak when Lei Ting’s expression sank: “Out of the question!” How could he possibly watch her take risks?

Gu Shengyin smiled and said: “My light ability can nullify these things. Don’t worry.”

Lei Ting knit his brows: “You never tried it before, how can you know that you are able to nullify it? This is not a joke!”

Gu Shengyin thought to herself, of course it’s because I’m sure that I’d be willing to try.

Seeing that she obviously didn’t take his words seriously, Lei Ting’s face was black. He pulled Gu Shengyin, who was about to step forward, and his steadfast face was solemn: “If you must try, let me try it. We have so many men here, how can we let you, a woman, go?”

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10 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 278”

  1. I get that the ML is anxious and worried about her, but his suggestion is just stupid. She has light magic! If it is possible for someone to touch the coffin without getting infected, it can only be her. No matter how powerful the ML is, he will still get infected if he touches the coffin. He is not immune.


  2. Thanks! That is a ridiculous concern, as if you can overcome it with strength alone? What’s a man compared to her light abilities in this case?

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