HAWRR Chapter 277

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (21)

Source of pollution?

Gu Shengyin’s thoughts when looking at it was that it was simply a corpse of art1.

With a closer look, not only Gu Shengyin, but everyone else discovered that below the corpse was a stream of black air and that there was a crack at the bottom of the coffin.

The wispy black gas permeated through the fine crack.

Was this black gas the root of all the zombies?

System: “Detecting data…detecting data……Data compilation is complete. The creature arrived to Earth from a dark planet2 located 100 million light years away due to a black hole which affected space and time. His body contains a strong dark power. The system has calculated that human beings have no resistance to this dark power, and zombiefication is a manifestation of infection.”

Gu Shengyin was surprised: “He arrived to Earth alone, so how did he end up lying in a coffin?”

System: “There is only one possibility. The creature must have been in the coffin before passing through the black hole, and arrived at Earth by chance. The crack that caused the leakage of dark power should have been caused by a violent collision as he was traveling through the black hole. According to calculations, there are no melee weapons3 on Earth that could break this coffin.” With firearms4, it was impossible to create such a fine gap.

“What the hell is this?” An ability user couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.

“Don’t touch it!” Unfortunately, Gu Shengyin hadn’t finished speaking when the ability user had already placed his hand on it.

The black gas seemed to have sensed a body it could parasitize, and a wisp of black slithered through the fine crack. It flowed along the ability user’s fingers and permeated into his body.

“AH!” That ability user suddenly shuddered and an inhuman noise burst from him.

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Everyone watched as a human being, who had just been completely normal, mutated as his skin suddenly festered into a greenish-blue and the light in his eyes dulled.

In such a short moment, he had become a zombie!

“AOO!” It roared and charged at the closest researcher.

Lei Ting, who was quick of eye and deft of hand5, quickly pulled the man away, and simultaneously released a bolt of thunder that struck the newly turned zombie.

The zombie was violently knocked into the ground by the attack.

However, Lei Ting frowned.

Normally, zombies would be instantly killed by that attack, but this zombie was only knocked down, and it stood back up unharmed.

Calculating his options, his face became composed.

He prepared to make another attack, but a petite figure before him grabbed his attention.

A bright arrow of Light whistled towards the zombie’s head and directly penetrated its skull.

As the zombie’s corpse slowly toppled, it disintegrated into the air.

This was the hegemony of the power of Light. Towards dark creatures, there would never be the slightest mercy.

Meeting Lei Ting’s gaze, Gu Shengyin explained: “For fighting zombies, Light magic is more efficient.”

The rest of the ability users woke up from their daze, and retreated far from that evil coffin.

“It can’t be, that this, is the source of the zombies?” A researcher pushed up his glasses and theorized.

The zombiefication of the ability user had been seen by all of them, and it wasn’t hard to understand the cause and effect.

Since they have discovered the source of the zombies, Gu Shengyin, who had been further informed by the System and had more knowledge, said: “We can assume that, this strange creature, or rather the black gas coming from his body, is the source of the zombie infection and this coffin is sealing it. However, this crack was caused by an unknown factor, and has lead to the leakage of the infection source.”

When she said this, everyone’s eyes were focused on her.

JMin’s Corner:

It’s an alien! 

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another sponsored chap yeehaw there’s 7 more to go (from like half a year ago ahahaha) and then im finally caught up

im actually so sorry they’ve been so late (@ppl who sponsored) but shit came up irl

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1. corpse of art as in work of art (hahahahaha get it? this pun wasn’t in the original but i had to)

2. a dark planet is one that doesn’t reflect light, so it’s blacker than anything we know
An astronomer called Kepler actually found the distant Jupiter-sized exoplanet TrES-2b which reflects less than 1% of light that reaches it; that’s only 750 light years away so we’ll never know in our own lifetime if the author’s dark planet 100 million light years away exists xd

3. melee weapons – direct translation was ‘cold weapons’ which refers to weapons that use pure physical attacks (e.g. swords, knives); a more traditional term was ‘cold steel’
4. firearms – direct translation was ‘hot weapons’ which use thermal energy strike systems (e.g. gunpowder, explosives)

4. 眼明手快 – yǎnmíngshǒukuài – quick of eye and deft of hand, i.e. alert with fast reactions

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