HAWRR Chapter 276

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (20)

It was manual work — a shovel per person, digging by hand.

Under this snowy mountain, no one dared to use abilities. If they ended up causing an avalanche, then everyone would die.

Fortunately, the physical strength of ability users were pretty good, and the shovels were made of special materials, so anyhow, they could somewhat dig the ten thousand year ice.

The day passed into black night, and they had already dug out a large hole, but didn’t discover even a hint of movement.

“Are you sure there’s something here?” Zhong Lingyu questioned. “If there isn’t, then wouldn’t we have wasted our time listening to you?”

Gu Shengyin responded indifferently: “So where do you think we should go?”

Zhong Lingyu was stunned — how would she know where to go?!

Gu Shengyin said: “This time, we came here based on a hunch. Not a single person has a definite assurance that we will find something.”

Zhong Lingyu sneered and was about to deride her when Gu Shengyin continued.

“But have you ever considered just what it would mean for humans if we did discover something?” Gu Shengyin looked at her coldly.

In the darkness, Gu Shengyin’s pupils seemed to shine. Zhong Lingyu felt somewhat guilty under her gaze.

Unexpectedly, this woman, who had never been confrontational from childhood to adulthood, actually had such presence? Zhong Lingyu thought absentmindedly, and felt that Gu Shengyin didn’t seem so annoying anymore.

Seeing her like this, Gu Shengyin’s eyes flashed with a hint of amusement. She had just used the light magic spell ‘baptism’. Those who were affected by the magic would unconsciously ‘beautify’ the caster in their minds.

It could be said that this magic was a major contributor to the spread of the Holy Church’s power and influence in the last world.

Zhong Lingyu, who had never been exposed to magic, was rather easy to influence.

At night, everyone entered tents that had been prepared earlier, and rolled into their warm sleeping bags.

Antarctica’s nighttime was even colder than the daytime. Without these things, even ability power users would freeze to death.

Gu Shengyin got up very early the next day.

They discussed for a bit, if they couldn’t find anything within three days, they would move locations to continue searching.

Gu Shengyin had no objections because the system had informed her that they were close to their goal.

Sure enough, on the afternoon of the second day, an ability user’s shovel struck something strange.

“There’s something here.” His words stunned everyone.

They were filled with enthusiasm and put in more effort to dig it out. Soon, they could see the shape of the object.

Everyone looked at it with wide eyes and gaping mouths.

“This is……” Even Lei Ting had been shocked by this thing.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

In front of them was a coffin.

The coffin was very beautiful, and was made from something like crystal, which allowed everyone to see what it held.

There was a person lying within the coffin. To be accurate — there was a corpse.

According to human aesthetics, this corpse was extremely beautiful.

Even if there were two horns growing on his head, and the nails on his hands were black, sharp and lethal, and he was obviously not human.

It still did not detract from his beauty.

The perfection exceeded even human imagination. Among all the people Gu Shengyin had ever seen, only the Light God was his equal in beauty.

However, Gu Shengyin’s system raised a furious alarm: “Detection of the the source of the zombie pollution within this world. May Host please eradicate it as soon as possible!”

JMin’s Corner:

Gee, I wonder where this corpse came from.

Ari’s Corner:

this author isn’t very accurate or factual tbh; both the antarctic and arctic circles either have 6 months of daylight or 6 months of night

I tried to translate the tone of urgency for the system’s warning at the end as best i could; hope i managed it xd

im releasing these sponsored chapters (cough half a year late) to force myself to translate more lol

sponsored by MC and Tiff

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  1. So, it’s something like Zombie ancestors? I wonder if those people would agree disposing of that creature when they are already digging it for so long? I’m afraid it would be something like Mewtwo…


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  2. this author can’t even keep their own story facts straight, doubt they can manage something as go online and google things like day&night cycle on one of the poles XD


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