HAWRR Chapter 275

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (19)

Gu Shenyin was awakened by the man.

When she opened her eyes, she discovered that she was almost entirely in the arms of Lei Ting, and the rest of the people had already gotten off of the plane.

She quickly broke free from the man’s arms.

Lei Ting was quite reluctant to let go. The feeling of fragrant, soft jade was indeed much better than his empty arms right now.

As soon as she got off, Gu Shengyin felt a heart-piercing chill.

Even if everyone wore special protective clothing, in this world of ice and snow, they still couldn’t help but to shiver.

This place was the final destination that countless scholars had come to after researching the objective of the zombie tide.

Presently, there was no zombie that was capable of reaching this place.

To say it in another way, the low temperature of the South Pole was not something the zombies could handle now. Gu Shengyin was thinking that those zombies from this large-scale zombie tide might fall under the natural barrier of nature without human intervention.

The cold would freeze the zombie’s body, which would freeze the brain of the zombie.

For a zombie that completely relies on the brain, that was a fatal injury.

However, it was only for now. Gu Shengyin had already found out from the system that in less than a year, the zombies in this world would mutate and would begin to evolve, gaining abilities like humans.

It was not difficult to imagine the crushing abilities of the innumerable zombies. That day would truly be the day where humanity would be extinguished in calamity. 

Gu Shengyin couldn’t tell anyone about this. There was no use telling them now as it would do nothing but increase panic and whittle away humanity’s hope.

This place was full of white ice and snow.

How easy was it to find something that caused the zombie’s reaction?

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library.com.

The scientists started setting up the equipment, and each ability user probed the ground step-by-step using the detector.

Gu Shengyin slowly moved forward when the System suddenly stopped her: “Host, I sense an unusual fluctuation.”

Gu Shengyin wasn’t shocked when she heard the news. She was aware that the System’s origin was absolutely not comparable to the human science of this world. In fact, the System’s capability to detect was much better than this equipment.

According to the route that the System specified, Gu Shengyin immediately held the equipment step by step to the place that it said.

Soon, she arrived at a place where other ability users could not be seen.

“Right here.” The system opened its mouth.

Gu Shengyin looked up. Here was the end of the road, and in front of her was a large snowy mountain and its peak could not be seen.

“The thing that I sensed is this.” The system said with certainty.

Gu Shengyin looked at the snowy mountain in front of her and decided to call the rest of the people.

Hearing that she discovered something suspicious, everyone quickly rushed to the location according to the directions that she provided.

“Are you sure it is this?” One of the ability user was suspicious. The detector in his hand did not respond.

Gu Shengyin nodded with great certainty: “You should all know what one of my abilities are.”

The Imperial Capital base’s ability users were the first to support Gu Shengyin. After all, they witnessed her power.

Lei Ting glanced at the confident Gu Shengyin and also followed suit. As soon as he had spoken, the people from Frost base naturally would not go against it.

Thus, the decision came out.

Together, everyone would start digging!

JMin’s Corner:

Digging a mountain? Or digging next to the mountain? o.O

Ari’s Corner:

digging through the mountain jmin sigh, it’s not like they can avoid the mountain if the thing is in it

i have time to translate rn so let’s go; not too sure if i’ll be releasing more today or if i’ll just save them for our stockpile

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