HAWRR Chapter 274

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (18)

This time’s expedition was undoubtedly the largest human activity in recent years.

A total of 30 of the most powerful human ability users. Additionally, the top five biotechnology scientists also accompanied them.

It was worth mentioning that Zhong Lingyu just happened to be among them too.

She came as a logistics member. After all, the space ability was really convenient in regards of storing supplies.

In the beginning, Zhong Lingyu did not know that Gu Shengyin was also there until she received a notice, boarded the plane, and saw Gu Shengyin sitting there very leisurely. She opened her eyes wide with shock.

“How come you are here?!” Her tone was not very good.

Gu Shengyin looked at her: “Why are you here?”

Zhong Lingyu proudly lifted her chin: “Naturally, I received an invitation to become a member of the Antarctic exploration team.”

Of course, she had a reason to be proud. As far as she could see, being able to sit here with all these well-known ability users undoubtedly confirmed her strength.

Gu Shengyin shrugged her shoulders: “Is there a second reason?”

Zhong Lingyu’s expression changed. After all, she was not stupid, and immediately looked at Gu Shengyin with disbelief: “You awakened an ability?”

Gu Shengyin had no time to deal with her because —— she is airsick.

Not knowing whether it was by chance or deliberately arranged, Gu Shengyin was the one sitting next to that man, Lei Ting. Of course, Gu Shengyin, who knew the nature of the man, was more inclined to the latter.

Lei Ting looked at Gu Shengyin’s pale face and felt distressed. If it was before, he would absolutely not believe that he would one day feel distressed over trivial things like airsickness.

But, looking at Gu Shengyin knitting her eyebrows, because she was feeling uncomfortable, and her original ruddy lips that had lost color, he only felt that his heart was tangled up.

He couldn’t take it for granted, that in this lifetime, he had the chance to experience this feeling.

Gu Shengyin felt dizzy at this moment. From the beginning, she did not know that there were still things that were so uncomfortable in this world.

“System, can you shield me?” She was feeling faint very quickly.

System: “Sorry, this is the ailment of the original Li Shengxi. It can’t be removed.”

Gu Shengyin: “Then, make me pass out.”

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Right at this moment, Lei Ting drew Gu Shengyin into his embrace. Gu Shengyin’s face was buried in his chest, and her nose caught a light scent of lotus, making her dizziness become a bit better.

She also did not feel like struggling and leaned into the man’s arms indulgently; her consciousness sank deeply into the darkness.

Lei Ting looked at the woman in his arms that resembled a gentle and agreeable kitten. This was not like her style.

According to Gu Shengyin’s character, shouldn’t she ruthlessly push him away?

After waiting for a long time, the person in his arms did not move.

Lei Ting loosened his arms a bit and saw Gu Shengyin’s eyes were closed.

His heart panicked and quickly checked only to discover that the other person was merely sleeping. Afterwards, he laughed.

He pulled her even deeper into his embrace, when other people saw them, Gu Shengyin’s entire upper body was wrapped in Lei Ting’s arms.

It turned out that Li Shengxi and Lei Ting were unexpectedly in this type of relationship. Zhong Lingyu, who had been watching Gu Shengyin, felt that she seemed to have discovered a secret.

So what if you awakened an ability. Aren’t you still mixing with Lei Ting, this type of fuckboy? 

Zhong Lingyu felt somewhat complacent. After all, Zhao Ziqi could be considered completely loyal, mind and heart, towards her. However, as everyone knew, Lei Ting was fond of beauties.

She subconsciously ignored Lei Ting’s behavior, and held the mentality that it was impossible for him not to be playing around.

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