White Lotus Chapter 2.03

Timid and Fragile White Lotus (3)

I have to warn you before you read that there are gory descriptions within this chapter. It might be too much for ppl who can’t stand bloody things so I’ll mark out the section for you to skip over if you’d like.

Contrary to Lin Zisheng’s expectations, Zhao Daoling did not appear immediately, but rather arrived half a month later at the location of his sealing — now a famous haunted house.

That’s right, just half a month ago, only Daoist people would have sensed a hint of spiritual energy, but in just a short half month, Lin Zisheng turned it into a haunted house.

Originally, it just seemed like a slightly old-fashioned residence. Now, it was haunted. Without even mentioning what it was like at night, even under the bright sunshine in the middle of day, passersby would quicken the pace for fear of something unclean following them.

Under these circumstances, Zhang Daoling arrived at this ‘haunted house’. Of course, Bain Mianmian was there as well.

“Dao-Daoling, can we, can we not go in?” Bai Mianmian huddled behind Zhang Daoling, hands clutching at his clothes, and looked at the ‘haunted house’ with eyes brimming with tears. Her current appearance looked as if she would bolt at any second.

“Go back if afraid.” Looking at Bai Mianmian’s state, Zhang Daoling furrowed his brows. He didn’t come here today to play, but to do his job. He had already said at the start that this place was haunted, but Bai Mianmian had insisted on coming.

“S-Sorry, I……I was just a bit afraid, but it’s fine.” Bai Mianmian took a deep breath and smiled with some effort, but she didn’t look much better than before. Her face was pale as paper. “I’ll just take some time to get used to it, I-I’m your assistant, aren’t I?”

Ever since Zhang Daoling had saved Bai Mianmian, in order to repay her debt, she worked hard to resolve her fears and became his assistant, hoping to help him.

However, what Bai Mianmian didn’t understand was that her existence was of no use to Zhang Daoling. Although he already dislikes timid and weak people, he held an even greater dislike for people who didn’t know their place1. In his eyes, Bai Mianmian was one of those who lacked self-awareness and would only drag him down.

Sure enough, when Bai Mianmian followed Zhang Daoling into the haunted house, she hid behind him and clutched at his clothes. Although she tried to suppress it, her body was still shaking slightly.

“Go outside and wait.” At least that way he wouldn’t have to worry about what kind of problem she’d cause him later.

This wasn’t Zhang Daoling’s first time bringing Bai Mianmian to exorcise a ghost, so he was very familiar with her ability to drag him down. As long as she followed him, eight or nine times out of ten she would make his task much more difficult.

Sometimes, Zhang Daoling would think wryly to himself that it was a good thing that he was a Celestial Master rather than a tomb robber. Otherwise, if she was brought along, it could be guessed that he’d be introduced to the luxury package of ‘everything must become a corpse’.

“Daoling, I’m really okay. I just……want to help you.” Finally, Bai Mianmian made an effort to restrain her fear, and walked out from behind him, following him slowly and carefully.

She looked at the silhouette of his back and her eyes flashed with determination. She must conquer her fear, and she must help Zhang Daoling!

Bai Mianmian had a secret. She had never told anyone before. In this world, not even her parents knew, and the one person who knew her secret was Zhang Daoling.

Bai Mianmian wasn’t only afraid of ghosts because she was cowardly, but because she could really see ghosts.

She was a premature baby that should have been born mid-May, but was born in early April instead during Qingming Festival2. Her body was weak and was born on such a day, so her body naturally was heavy with yin energy. Therefore, even after adulthood, Bai Mianmian could see things other people could not.

And her physique was also more likely to attract the desire of ghosts.

As the two people walked forward, one in front and one behind, a gust of wind swelled. Although it was noon, and the sun was hanging bright in the sky, the warmth of the sun wasn’t present.

“Shishishishi, honored guests have entered our door, we should naturally welcome you.” Just as Bai Mianmian felt a chill, a woman’s sharp laughter sounded, piercing harshly into their eardrums. 

At this time, Bai Mianmian realized that standing before them was already a row of people — no, a row of ghosts!

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquillibrary.com.

“AHHHHH! Th-there’s….” Bai Mianmian could no longer suppress the fear in her heart and screamed. 

“Shut up!” Zhang Daoling could no longer suppress his irritation. Although these ghosts had appeared abruptly, he could sense that they did not hold malicious intentions.

However, he did not know what trouble Bai Mianmian’s screaming would cause.

“I’m…I’m sorry.” Suffering from the sudden shock as well as Zhang Daoling’s yell, Bai Mianmian’s eyes reddened. It wasn’t like she wanted to be frightened, but, but those ghosts’ appearances were simply too frightening!

Bloody description below.

The first ghost was a female wearing red clothing and had been violently torn apart from her left side, and her squelching inner organs could be seen sliding within her. The second was a male ghost whose skin had been completely torn off, leaving only the bright red muscles and flesh below. The third was a female whose neck had only been hacked halfway, and her broken head swayed with her every movement.

The fourth, the fifth…..to the seventh, and this seventh ghost was no longer distinguishable between male or female. ‘He’ seemed to have died in a car crash, and now ‘he’ was only a squirming pile of flesh and blood.

Bloody description end.

When Bai Mianmian, who was already very cowardly, saw this scene, how could she not scream?

“Shishi, the Lord is waiting for the two guests inside. May the two guests follow me.” The woman who had spoken earlier addressed them again, then walked ahead and led the two inside.

This red-clothed….smiling ghost, this ghost was very fierce, what kind of ‘person’ could control such a vicious spirit?

On the way, Bai Mianmian and Zhang Daoling thoroughly experienced the feeling of being surrounded by evil3

Originally, Zhang Daoling had thought there would only be a few ghosts here, but now he realized that he had regarded this situation too optimistically.

It was unknown why so many ghosts would have gathered here, and actually be working together in such a well-organized manner, but it wasn’t guaranteed that they would maintain such a status quo. If they made any move, it would be a catastrophe for humans!

“Shishi, my Lord is just within, may the two guests please enter.” The female ghost’s face portrayed a friendly smile, but her tone was very firm. Zhang Daoling understood that if they didn’t obediently enter, they would both become members of this ghost community.

“Daoling, I’m scared.” The closer she got to the last door, the more terrified Bai Mianmian was. Now, her heart was full of regrets. If she had known earlier that something like this would occur, she would have waited outside.

Of course, her words were ignored by Zhang Daoling. Taking a deep breath, Zhang Daoling pushed the door open and entered, with Bai Mianmian following him quickly.

After entering the room, everything within gave them a jolt of surprise. 

This room was completely different from what they had expected. Originally they had thought that, after opening the door, they would see a room cloaked in eerie darkness that had never seen the light of day. However, this was a completely different scene.

No, maybe it couldn’t be called a room, but rather a space.

Within their sight was a huge lake, a bridge arching over the water to the gazebo at the heart of the lake. There was a man in white clothing sitting within the gazebo, his head lowered as his fingertips gently plucked at the strings of a guqin. Although they could not clearly see his appearance, but his aura allowed the two to understand that this man was certainly refined.

“What a beautiful person.” Perhaps because she had not been met with the horrific scene she was imagining, Bai Mianmian relaxed a little, and was enthralled by the fascinating figure.

“No matter who you are, since you have invited us here, should you not show your true self?” Unlike Bai Mianmian, Zhang Daoling had realized that it was the other party’s illusion when he entered the room and viewed this space. Everything he was seeing now was not necessarily real.

After the man in white heard Zhang Daoling’s words, he laughed lightly and lifted his head. In an instant, the surrounding space collapsed and dissipated. After a while, Zhang Daoling found himself in a dark room illuminated only by two sticks of incense.

With the faint light of the incense sticks, Zhang Daoling observed everything within the room. The room seemed rather empty. There was only a yellow pear wood table against the wall with a pair of incense sticks and a rosewood box between the two.

The box was not big, only about three inches long and two inches wide, but it gave people an unusually heavy pressure.

And above the box, there was a figure floating lightly.

That man was just floating in the air, as if he completely didn’t care if he would scare the two.

One hand was propping up his cheek, while his other hand was twirling a lock of long hair. His whole being exuded laziness and comfort, his pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes squinted lightly, his thin lips curled lightly in a frivolous arc. The smiling appearance was not brash, but gave others the feeling of unruliness.

“Who are you?” As he looked at this uniquely enchanting man, Zhang Daoling’s eyebrows furrowed more deeply, especially when he saw the red robes adorning the other, the caution in his heart rising to the peak.

Ghosts wearing red were usually fierce and violent. Although this person seemed to exude laziness, he was not so simple!

Benzuo4 is Ying Qingxuan.” As he lazily spoke, Lin Zisheng looked over the young man and woman before him and could not help but raising his eyebrows; these two were the male and female lead?

It seemed……rather interesting.

Sensing the Lin Zisheng’s internal thoughts, 001 silently lit 5125 extra-large, long-lasting candles in his heart for the two people.

001: He he, mourn for these two people for three seconds. Anyone who arouses the interest of its Host-daren, eight or nine out of ten will gou dai ah!

“So beautiful……” When Bai Mianmian, who had been hiding behind Zhang Daoling this whole time, saw Lin Zisheng, her eyes were filled with awe. She had always thought that ghosts were very horrifying, and had never thought that there could be such a beautiful ghost.

After seeing this scene, 001 couldn’t help but light another row of candles for the poor female lead. Such damn stupid human beings, don’t you know that beautiful flowers have poison if not thorns?

Ari’s Corner:

hahaha I know this is super late don’t shoot me pls but i mean y’know what they say — better late than never :^)

but anyways, for if you guys are reading MTL sometime and you see ‘dog band’ or smth, the pinyin for it is gou dai, and when you read it aloud, it’s ‘go die’

also this FL is so stupid tbh i actually disdain ppl like her sm

he’s not saying this to be derogatory; he means she lacks self-awareness and doesn’t understand the extent of her abilities and how she’s actually just a burden on other people by insisting on ‘helping’ them when she doesn’t have anything to contribute

Qingming Festival falls on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. It is also known as Tomb Sweeping Festival where family members go to sweep and upkeep the tombs of their deceased relatives and pay respects to the dead. Therefore, this day is heavily associated with yin energy and ghosts

群魔乱舞 – qúnmóluànwǔ – idiom that refers to the feeling of being surrounded by bad people or evil, sometimes used in politics. literal translation is something along the lines of ‘group of chaos’ or ‘dance of devils’

本座 – běnzuò – literal translation: ‘this seat’; synonymous with ‘this deity’ or ‘this honorable one’

512 – in China, 5/12 or May 12 is China’s disaster prevention and mitigation day ((also for my fellow nerds out there, 512 is 8 cubed)

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