HAWRR Chapter 273

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (17)

The next day, when Gu Shengyin went out, anyone could see that she was in a bad mood.

Gu Shengyin secretly despised herself, why couldn’t she hold on and resist, and ended up being done by that stinky man?

“System, why didn’t you stop me?” She complained.

The answer from the truthful system gave her a fatal blow1: “The system did scan the host’s state at the time, and detected willingness.”

Gu Shengyin: ……shut up!

She volunteered for that day’s mission to annihilate zombies, and didn’t give her teammates any chance to fight. 

The battle allowed her to vent her grievances, and all the ability users on the team saw the fierce and violent temper of the great beauty.

There were no longer any people who dared to look down on her because of her beauty.

Lei Ting and several of the ability users from the Frost base were walking around the Imperial base and saw Gu Shengyin come back steaming and murderous with her group.

When she saw those few people, Gu Shengyin only glanced at them faintly before directly leaving.

The rest of her group had originally wanted to greet them, but seeing that Gu Shengyin had already stalked far away, they could only chase her.

The ability users of the Frost base watched them go and exclaimed: “Each and every one of the Imperial Base’s ability users all have great presence!”

Lei Ting listened to their words, and laughed. He inexplicably licked his lips.

Last night had been the most restful sleep he ever had in his life.

There was no longer a haunting voice in his ear, nor did his heart feel lost.

The treasure that had been missing for so many years, had finally returned to his embrace.

During the following days, Gu Shengyin went out to complete missions almost every day, while Lei Ting stayed in the base to discuss various issues.

The two pretty much had no chance to meet.

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Half a month later, the conferences between more than a dozen bases finally came to a conclusion.

Travel to the source of the zombies, and discover the cause of the zombie tides.

Gu Shengyin definitely had to go.

The system had informed her: This world has presented a new mission. The original female lead’s status would have been restored after removing Zhong Lingyi. However, Zhong Lingyi was no longer important.

Gu Shengyin looked at the system’s newly released tasks stupidly.

Save the world?

Ever since she had come into existence, she had only had the system by her side. The only thing on her mind she had worked for had always been to become a qualified female lead. She had never expected that, one day, she would be put on such a noble task.

The system was also somewhat helpless: “This mission was changed in accordance with the recent changes of the world’s laws. In other words, it is no longer necessary to care about Zhong Lingyi. The host simply needs to save the world, receive the people’s love and worship. There is nothing more suitable for the female lead.”

Gu Shengyin was not blinded by this flattery: “Then, the main point is, how do I save the world?”

System: “This requires the host to figure out.”

Gu Shengyin: …bad review!

The system pretended not to hear: “Host, rest assured. I will always be by the host’s side, and work hard to try to help you complete your missions!”

Since it was saving the world, it must be related to the zombies. No matter what the upper echelons would want, Gu Shengyin had to travel to the far south to investigate.

Gu Shengyin asked her team to help her request but did not receive much resistance. This trip to the Antarctic had gathered almost all the most powerful of the human beings. As an ability user with the power of ‘prophecy,’ Gu Shengyin would be an extra layer of security if she went.

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Ari’s Corner:

oof Shengyin was exposed LOL

and rip Shengyin went from loving the system to wanting to return the faulty product 😡

hi y’all boofles this is a double release cuz I still owe sponsored chaps from like over half a year ago don’t shoot me hahahaha…

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会心一击 – meaning: game terminology, also commonly known as a critical strike, crit, refers to an attack that can cause multiple damage or negate defensive stats.

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8 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 273”

  1. MC acts so hella spoiled tbh, she’s got a mighty golden finger and protagonist halo + system, all the cheats there, what is she so bitchy at the system for? Wasn’t she complaining at the beginning for just being a flower vase? Srsly, this woman.


    1. Probably more just because it came out of nowhere and wasn’t part of her mission info for this world, not so much that she had to do it.

      Kind of like you’re at work doing your regularly scheduled work and prepping to go home, when you suddenly have some major assignment dumped on you that has to be completed very soon, so you have no prep time; and then you find out it was sitting on someone’s desk for two weeks before it got dumped on you. That’s how I imagine it…(not like I have any experience with that or anything 😂).


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