HAWRR Chapter 272

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (16)

Both parties returned to the base in this weird atmosphere.

The people from Frost base received an exceedingly grand welcoming.

Lei Ting looked at Gu Shengyin’s disappeared figure with reluctance, silent as the people of the Imperial Capital base chatted.

Gu Shengyin snickered, she had guessed that he would not know what to do.

But that night, when a familiar breath appeared in her room, Gu Shengyin was surprised.

Was this man crazy?

She continued to sleep quietly, waiting to see what this man came to her room to do in the middle of the night.

An ability user’s five senses were excellent, so even during nighttime, Lei Ting could clearly see Gu Shengyin’s sleeping appearance: her pair of seductive peach eyes were tightly shut, preventing him from seeing her dazzling appearance, petal-like pink soft lips were slightly open, her little red tongue was exposed as she breathed in and out, seducing others to unconsciously wanting to explore even more.

Lei Ting’s eyes darkened.

He clearly felt his body react just by looking at Gu Shengyin like this.

Probably because his gaze was too intense, the sleeping woman moved slightly uncomfortably. She muttered something vaguely and fell back to sleep.

Yet, this move was disastrous. The originally thin bedding that covered her body slid a bit, just enough to expose half a delicate, enticing clavicle. Her pajamas were slightly open, revealing jade-like, translucent skin.

Lei Ting’s breath stagnated for a moment.

Gu Shengyin was laying down with her eyes closed. Sensing that this man had not left yet, she felt annoyed and pretended to wake up just as an overbearing atmosphere surrounded her.

At the same time, something cold covered her lips, and a fiery, hot tongue, as if it discovered a treasure, determinedly intruded in.

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This man, how dare he!

Lei Ting just wanted to have a taste, but he never thought that the lips of the person beneath him would actually be so alluring.

This kind of sweetness and fragrance, it was impossible to resist.

It was impossible for Gu Shengyin to not wake up at this time, even if she did not want to. This person “attacking” her like this made it impossible for a person to sleep.

She seemingly moaned and slowly opened her eyes. It took her about 2 seconds to understand her current situation.

Under normal circumstances, a man would withdraw quickly, but this man did not.

The moment Gu Shengyin opened her eyes, one hand reached out to cover her eyes, while the other hand firmly held Gu Shengyin, making the kiss deeper.

With Li Shengxi’s temperament, it was certainly impossible to helplessly wait for death.1

However, the man’s strength was undoubtedly revealed here. Even though Gu Shengyin’s body was strengthened by the system, she unexpectedly could not break free under Lei Ting’s suppression.

Moreover, her lover’s breath was too familiar. Gu Shengyin finally gave up after struggling several times and allowed herself sink into this deep kiss that seduced one into indulgence.

Feeling the resistance of the person beneath him disappear, and the hands that had been pushing him had changed into clutching at his back, Lei Ting was satisfied in his heart and moved his hand to the back of Gu Shengyin’s head. The two of them became even more immersed in this unstoppable kiss.

The man’s hand had been covering Gu Shengyin’s eyes. Until the end, Gu Shengyin was unaware of when she fell asleep and when the man left.

JMin’s Corner:

ML starting strong. Sneaking in like a ninja and going for the ‘kill’.

He ate tofu and ran. Smh.

Ari’s Corner:

ML confirmed flower thief (name for men in ancient times who would steal the chastity of pure women)

also hello I’m alive in china and did not crash in plane

My aunt dragging me to become a ‘proper girl’ yeehaw I wish I fucking crashed

resigning oneself to hopeless situation; waiting for death. In this case with our MC, not doing anything in her current situation.

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12 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 272”

  1. I love how the ML just ate tofu and leave like a one night stand but hey they’ve been together so many years. Ari, I’m feeling the same as you. Why don’t we just fking crashed instead since we can’t all have that great love like the ML and FL

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  2. … If she was any other person, doesn’t he realize that they would be scared to death? Restraining her and covering her eyes before they even have a relationship? Creepy lol

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