HAWRR Chapter 271

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (15)

However, among the vast sea of people, it was extremely difficult to find that figure that appeared within his dream.

Therefore, there were rumors of Lei Ting being fond of beautiful women spreading from Frost base. In fact, Lei Ting had never touched those beautiful woman who were sent before him.

Those people were not her.

He knew.

But, when he saw Gu Shengyin today, he felt different. It was as if a traveler, who had been starving and parched for an incalculable period of time, had finally found the sweet spring of his life.

Lei Ting stared at Gu Shengyin’s back, his eyes brimming with passion.

The unconcealed aggression in his eyes, how could Gu Shengyin not see it?

She sneered in her heart. From her first glance, she had already confirmed it. Lei Ting was her lover.

Very good. Fond of beauties? Frost base still had many beauties being sent over even now?

Gu Shengyin’s eyes lit with fury.

Li Shengxi’s most beautiful feature was her dewy and bright seductive eyes. At this moment, Gu Shengyin was angry. However, instead of looking fierce, her wide eyes appeared to be a bit cute.

Looking at this kind of Gu Shengyin, Mu Yi felt his heart beat a little faster.

He originally liked Li Shengxi; otherwise, with his pride, he wouldn’t have confessed to her. After being rejected, and feeling so ashamed and resentful because he lost face, he was hostile towards Gu Shengyin.

However, Gu Shengyin had shown them her powerful strength earlier. Now, he also did not think there was anything wrong with her temper.

The strong always had varying tempers.

Thinking of this, Mu Yi took out an unopened bottle of water from his backpack and handed it to Gu Shengyin. Using the softest voice that he could ever make, he said, “Thanks for your hard work earlier.”

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Gu Shengyin gave him a subtle glance, not knowing why this man suddenly changed his behavior. However, her mind was currently filled with Lei Ting, so she did not care about it too much. She thanked him vaguely and accepted the other person’s good intentions.

Lei Ting stared coldly at Mu Yi, who was eagerly attentive towards Gu Shengyin, and abruptly said, “Who is that person?”

The person by his side was confused by this random question. Following along his gaze, he said, “That person is the Imperial Capital base’s Mu Yi, a level seven gold ability user, and is a known expert in the Imperial Capital base.”

Lei Ting snorted softly, his voice full of disdain.

The person who had spoken earlier did not know where this Mu Yi provoked his Boss, making him disdainful before even meeting.

However, he still lit a row of incense for that brother: Comrade, being remembered by our Boss, your future will be quite marvelous.

The people of Frost base just happened to receive an invitation to attend a conference and the two sides set off together.

The people of the Imperial Capital base were initially very happy. After all, Lei Ting’s title as the number one ability user was not a false claim, and with him there, there was simply no need to be worried about the threat of zombies.

But soon, their faces turned black.

Lei Ting, who was rumored to be fond of beauties, unexpectedly fell in love with their, the Imperial Capital base’s, most beautiful flower.

Lei Ting did not hide his behavior at all!

Gu Shengyin, whose strength was revealed to several of the Imperial Capital base’s ability users, was already placed at the highest position in their mind.

And so, in their minds, Lei Ting, who did not have a good reputation in regards to women, was not worthy of their goddess, Gu Shengyin, even if he was very powerful.

JMin’s Corner:

*Follows along and lights a row of incense*

Edit: Sorry Ari, I’m usually brain dead when translating these chapters and never proofread them QAQ

Fixed the wierd text colors~ 😉

Ari’s Corner:

I’m flying out to China in an hour so I’m posting this now.

Hehe it’s a good thing jmin has me to edit uwu otherwise some of you would’ve been quite confused at parts of these chapters (((((btw jmin it’s ‘lights incense’ smh)))))

anyways if this plane randomly crashes and I die, y’all can have fun w jmin’s mtl

also idk why the heck the text color has weird bugs when editing on mobile app

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  1. her brothers will unleash their wrath upon him and he can’t do anything about it since it’s his lover’s family (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و gl, ML, you dug that hole yourself.


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