HAWRR Chapter 270

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (14)

The entire passage was completely empty in a blink of an eye.

It was deathly silent.

Gu Shengyin’s words broke this silence, “The zombies outside have already been cleared. Hurry up and come out!”

Mu Yi snapped out of his daze. He felt that his throat was somewhat dry.

The rest of the people were also looking at Gu Shengyin’s hands with shocked expressions. It was hard to imagine that a pair of hands like this could actually have such terrifying destructive power.

The sound of a heavy door being pushed opened reminded them that there were several figures, who ran over from the other side of the passage, the few who were trapped inside the secret room.

The other group’s ability user saw the empty passage and were completely puzzled: “Didn’t you guys say that the zombies were cleared? How could it be so clean here?”

Clean, as if zombies had never been here.

The few ability users began to “you look at me, I look at you”, not knowing how to describe the scene from a moment ago. In fact, if they had not seen it with their own eyes, who would believe that sort of magical scene seen in movies.

The groaning of zombies began to sound in their ears, and it was assumed that there were zombies coming over.

Gu Shengyin made a prompt decision: “Hurry and leave here.”

They arrived at the large exit where there were at least several dozens of zombies.  The ability users joined the battle one after another and soon opened up a path.

“Don’t fight. Hurry and leave.”

Gu Shengyin did not use magic again. Although she could cast this type of intermediate magic several more times, to a certain degree, the ability users were sufficient enough to cope with this situation.

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When they came out, the fire ability user, who had previously gone on a ride with the groups of zombies, was surprisingly waiting for them in a leisurely manner.

In addition to this, there were several unfamiliar vehicles outside.

Gu Shengyin looked towards one of the cars. Intuition told her that the people inside were very strong.

At the same time, a penetrating gaze locked onto her.

That fire ability user came forward: “When I brought the group of zombies out for a drive, I happened to run into people from Frost base. They disposed of those zombies in passing.”

Gu Shengyin’s brows wrinkled. Frost base, there was only one person who could bring her a sense of threat.

She walked towards a car and knocked on the distinct special window: “Lei Ting.”

Her tone was certain.

The special glass slowly descended, exposing a man’s steadfast and sharp appearance.

“The young lady of Li Jia?”

Gu Shengyin leaned down and approached the window. They could hear each other breathing.

Lei Ting seemed to hear her laugh and say a sentence, “Nice to meet you.”

Then, she nodded towards the people of Frost and unexpectedly left so confidently and at ease, as if it was merely just a greeting.

One of the ability users of Frost base at the side was dumbstruck: “This woman truly…has personality.” He had seen many women stick to his Boss. It was his first time seeing such a chic woman.

Lei Ting puckered his brows. He always felt that the feeling Gu Shengyin gave him was very different.

When he first saw her, there was an inexplicable throb in his heart.

Since childhood, he always had the same dream. In the dream, there was a woman that he could not see clearly. He could only occasionally see a pair of gentle and calm, blue eyes and dazzling golden, long hair from sporadic fragments. 

In the dream, there was a majestic, honorable voice that spoke to him: “Find…Find her…Go find her.”

He could feel his own longing for that woman in his dream. It was as if his entire life was incomplete without that figure.

Lei Ting did not reject this dream. On the contrary, he determined that this was God’s hint to let him find the other half of his life.

JMin’s Corner:

Our MC acts cool on their first meeting. What shall ML do?

Have to say, because of his obsession with this dream, he became ‘a man who loved beauties’ as mentioned in the first chapter of the arc. Smh

Ari’s Corner:

im like lowkey kms rn bc i just finished w my finals and my semester and now my parents are exiling me to china 🙂 and i won’t be back until beginning of next semester

tfw jmin has been translating most of the recent chapters and i can’t really help out much

on another note, i am planning on bringing my laptop with me to china and i’ll hopefully get a vpn set up so i can do all my shit (lmk if u guys have any recs for vpns in china)

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  1. Lol how accurate you are… the “god” really is the one hinting you to find her~~ hehe the ironic part is while she has golden hair, he dreamt of the black-hair lady, now that she has the black hair back, he dreamt of the golden hair lady~ haha


  2. thanks!
    lol cool meeting! also, yeah, i was laughing so hard when it was revealed that his loving women reputation was because of the previous her!


  3. criie why exile?? I’ve used ExpressVPN before and it seemed to work pretty well. Not sure what the cost is though because I was piggybacking off of the office I was interning for. But hey! The USD to RMB conversion is still pretty good, not to mention eating delicious food, right? Thanks for the chapter! GSY is too cool for the Frost base lol. Good luck to ML, he’s going to have a time chasing his beau.


  4. aw, shit, I almost gotten exiled to china by my parents before (cause at the time they did not like my white BF) under the guise of “studying” hope you’re doing well there


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