late update

As I’m sure y’all have realized, I’m super behind in updating White Lotus.

This semester has been a struggle and I’ve been having issues at home as well.

However! I’ll be done with classes in two weeks and done with finals another week after that. Once that’s done, I’ll definitely post an update for White Lotus as soon as possible.

Please bear with me for a little longer 😦


JMin: Hi, just adding my update here 😛

I haven’t had time to translate since it’s the end of the semester, but I should be free after May 20th. Once I’m free, I’ll try to stock up chapters for Ari to edit 😉

5 thoughts on “late update”

  1. Well, it’s kind of a common thing that the semester will give troubles, they are designed that way so that people get pushed and don’t be so leisurely, so good luck with it till it ends ^^. And with issues at home…. sigh. Anyway, take care of yourself, good luck!!!

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  2. Fine. I hope your studies are going well, but I’m also hoping your stocking up on chapters for White Lotus!


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