HAWRR Chapter 268

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (12)

In the end, a small rescue team of 15 people was chosen.

Among them were Gu Shengyin and Mu Yi, who insisted on coming along.

When they arrived at the military factory, they discovered that things were far more difficult than they thought.

This military factory had practically become the zombie’s lair. Gu Shengyin estimated that there were at least two hundred or more zombies roaming around.

According to what the ability user said, they stayed in a secret room and there was only one exit. Although the zombies couldn’t get in, it also meant that even if they came out, they would have to face the attack of hundreds of zombies.

An ability user turned on his headset: “Monkey, monkey, are you there? Can you hear me?”

He turned on share mode. Gu Shengyin heard the other person’s reply very clearly: “I can hear you. We are on the second floor of the military factory’s basement. We also sent some people out to scout the primary activities of the zombies these past two days. Their range is the basement passage and the large exit, as well as the halls of the military factory. There are not many zombies at our door.”

“The passage in the basement is the only one. To get past this passage, all the zombies inside must be killed. Every time we break through here, we end up having to turn back. There are too many zombies; there is no end to them. We kill them but there are new ones rushing over!”

“Then the main thing is to rely on speed. As long as these zombies are cleared in a flash, then this thing is not a difficult thing to do.” Gu Shengyin muttered to herself.

“Cleared in a flash?” Mu Yi sneered, “Miss Li, do you think zombies are made of foam? Shine your light ability and they will shatter to pieces?”

His words were obviously ridiculing Gu Shengyin’s light ability.

Gu Shengyin’s brows wrinkled but did not speak.

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For this kind of person, it was best to use reality to smack their face.

They parked their vehicle in a concealed place, got off the car, and approached the military factory.

There were zombies scattered outside.

A fire ability user ignited a flame with a finger, and a lump of meat from who-knows-what creature was placed on top of it. A wind ability user successfully diffused the scent into the air.

Soon, howls came one after another from within the factory.

One by one, zombies appeared at the large gate, seemingly trying to locate where the scent came from.

The fire ability user grinned with confidence and ease: “Just watch how I, this grandpa, slip through these zombies!” 

He took out a stick from who-knows-where, tied the lump of meat to the stick and hung it on the roof of the car, and then stepped on the throttle.

The rumbling sound attracted the zombies’ attention, and the scent of the food seemed to come from that direction. Many zombies came out of the military factory and began chasing the car.

“I will bring this group of zombies out for a ride. The rest will be handed over to you guys to handle.” The voice of this ability user came from the headset.

“Looking at this situation, most of the zombies in the military factory’s hall should have come out.”

These people began walking into the military factory’s destroyed gate.

This abandoned military factory seemed to be a beast waiting to devour people, watching this group of people walking towards itself with indifference.

Sure enough, there were a lot less zombies in the hall. Only a few of them were scattered around roaming, but nobody’s expression relaxed.

Perhaps influenced by the scent from earlier, these zombies seemed to move somewhat impatiently, continuously making horrifying growls.

“The group of zombies are trying to break through the door!” The ability users trapped in the secret room suddenly panicked.

JMin’s Corner:

Who wants to go out for a ride with a zombie group? Say ‘Aye!’

Ari’s Corner:

hi friends, sorry this is so late, i’ve been dealing with personal issues at home

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