HAWRR Chapter 267

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (11)

“Congratulations to Miss Li for becoming a member of one of my groups.” A handsome man reached out his hand with a smile.

“Group Leader is very welcoming.” Gu Shengyin’s face was also full of smiles.

Shen Zhong, the Imperial Capital base’s number one expert, the head of all ability users, with a fire ability at the peak of the ninth level.

He was also the only one in the group who knew the actual level of Gu Shengyin’s abilities. 

Towards such a genius talent, Shen Zhong was naturally welcoming.

He personally brought Gu Shengyin to where all the ability users gathered to introduce her to everyone.

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“This is Miss Li, Li Shengxi, a Light ability user, and a new member of our squad. I’m temporarily assigning her to team two. Lin Zhao, I’ll leave Shengxi under your care.”

A young man no more than twenty years old stood up: “Yes!”

Someone standing to the side joked: “Lin Zhao, your team two is so lucky to have such a big beauty come.”

“Yeah, yeah, unlike our teams, which are all big macho men.”

“Leader, I’m skeptical about this Miss Li, what power level is she? Our squad’s minimum requirement, seems to be at least the fifth level?” At this time, Mu Yi spoke up with an ugly look on his face.

Shen Zhong’s expression darkened, how could he not know about Mu Yi’s issues? However, because they needed the man’s strength, if he could endure it, then he’d just endure.

However, Gu Shengyin’s ability level was currently a secret, he couldn’t just casually tell others.

He was trying to think of something to say, when Gu Shengyin said with a smile: “Why make things so troublesome? I heard that there was a mission today, so I came to volunteer. I’ll just show you guys, is all.”

When she said this, she won the favor of many people.

Obviously, when the leader introduced her, he deliberately left out her power level. It must be for a specific reason. After all, the requirements of the Imperial City base were quite strict.

In actuality, those in power in the base thought it would be best for Gu Shengyin to stay in the base and accept bodyguards, simply because she had a prophetic ability.

This proposal was rejected by Gu Shengyin.

Don’t even joke, her prophetic ability was just something she made up, and she only knew a limited part of this world’s storyline.

Gu Shengyin was genuinely powerful and inherited light magic from the previous world. Having a powerful ability, but staying inside the base every day and enjoying peace earned by other people’s blood-soaked battles, this kind of thing, Gu Shengyin could not do.

In the end, after Gu Shengyin clenched her teeth and showed those people the power of high-leveled light magic, they were shocked and consented to letting her go out to complete tasks.

However, despite feeling reassured with her strength, the base’s people also secretly notified Shen Zhong. When Gu Shengyin went out to do a task, a few people must be arranged secretly to protect her.

If necessary, they would die for her.

Shen Zhong received this order.

He did not know what this Miss Li had that would cause the big shots of the base to say these words, but he still bowed his head and accepted the order.

This time, the task was to rescue companions trapped in an abandoned military factory.

That group of ability users had headed out after accepting a task and found a weapon arsenal. As a result, after focusing on the transport of the large arms, the remaining eight people discovered that the only exit was unexpectedly already surrounded by a large number of zombies.

Fortunately, although they couldn’t get out, the zombies outside couldn’t get in, but the food in their backpacks would not be able to last more than several days. Thus, they sent a distress signal to the base.

JMin’s Corner:

VIP MC. It seems like MC will kick ass in this arc.

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i actually haven’t had the time to translate recently kill meeeee

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